“Helbiz is ready for the A2 Challenge”

The landing on the Helbiz stock exchange in August 2021 was followed with interest: the small sharing company for motorcycles, scooters and electric bikes began negotiations on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange on Wall Street. Founded by CEO Palella in New York and active since 2016, Helbiz Corporation was the first company in the sector to be listed. “A dream come true,” he said to himself at the time. Today, the journey through a competitive tournament and arenas as big as B makes us proud. “For our customers, this was an added value, we are not just technology, but the possibility to offer matches and other side events on Helbiz Live was a very well exploited opportunity.” Having benefited from a product – a tournament whose rights were not exclusive but shared with Sky and Dazn – still attractive because it is also linked to the many foreign properties that have already entered Italian clubs, he has put the fuel in the engine. “As an OTT platform, we are visible on Android, Apple TV, iPhone and various devices, and therefore accessible across the board. This first season went very well, we established partnerships with clubs, our offer for the entire tournament was cheap (5.99 per month or 49.99 per year, editor), combining international events with the German Cup and the National Football Association. A hundred thousand have used our application and this gives us hope for the future – Mammì confirms – that the next B will be A2, not only Parma, but also Genoa, Venice, Palermo and Bari, to name a few, a championship as great as the technical level .. and with the arenas back in the spotlight of football Great, there is a lot of Italian territory ».

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One might say that it is not over. The list is rich: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Latin Central America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Romania, Israel, USA . The Caribbean, Poland and Brazil. In all of these countries, Helbiz Media sold the rights to the B tournament: “It wasn’t done in such an organized way, there’s a lot of interest. Among other things, we were the first to offer games with pay per view on Facebook (at 3.49 €, editor). We will grow again.”

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