Unpaid leave for those who have not been vaccinated. Conad CEO opens . interface

favorableGreen Traffic Commitment For workers, regulated by the government, but without consequent costs to companies. Translator: We will not pay for tampons. This is the position of distribution companies after taking office By Francesco Pugliese, CEO of Conad This is it Aligned in favor of the green certificate Provoking reactions for and against on social media.

Workers vaccinated or not?

Waiting for a decision from the government and the League’s position is still pending. What is the orientation of trade associations and distribution companies? « Workers Insurance – Advertise Donatella Brambolini, President FIDA-Confcommercio – Also means a stipulation that a vaccination or green pass must be given. We believe it is essential to provide this commitment to all employees who work in supermarkets and food stores nearby.” However, Brampolini specifies that companies are waiting for government regulation, because – he explains – “the current legislation does not even allow us to ask who has been vaccinated, but we know that already within the workers, tensions are beginning to arise between those who have been vaccinated and those who have not.”

FederDistribuzione and Coop: “Yes to the Green Corridor commitment”

On the same wavelength too FederDistribuzionethat collects these strings Esselunga, Pam, Lidl and Carrefour. “We are in favor of extending the Green Corridor commitment to employees of large distribution companies – said the president Alberto Frausen It is an essential tool to ensure the safety of collaborators. We ask that the mandatory nature of the green card be accompanied by clear rules for companies and workers and that companies not bear burdens and costs.” Until the cooperative group He says yes to the green lane. “We are in favor of introducing rules for green card use to those who work with the public, and therefore also to our employees – reporting the note – and all solutions Increasing the proportion of vaccinated, leaving tampons with a marginal integrative role. With reference to the more difficult issue of compulsory vaccination, as Coop we are in favor of workers in the public and private sectors, but we believe that it is an issue on which legislation should be enacted, not private initiatives.”

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Brambolini: “No corporate costs”

But what can a company do if a non-vaccination worker still refuses to vaccinate, given a legal obligation? “We do not incur additional costs – identifies Brambolini, who is also president of Distribuzione Italiana, a collaborative center representing brands sigma and sisa, with 3,500 outlets in Italy – which means we will put employees in it unpaid leaveA meeting is scheduled for next week at the Ministry of Labor on the issue of social safety nets and the issue of vaccines in the company and can be discussed.

Trade Unions: “Business Buffers”

On the very hot topic of getting to company (and canteens) in the pandemic, trade unions and Confindustria are facing each other. Social partners lobby for employers to pay swabs. “The stopper – said UIL Secretary-General Pierpaolo Bombardieri, on 24 Mattino on Radio 24 – is one of the opportunities related to one option in a field, which is health, and it is possible. If this problem has a principle: if it is related to health and safety in the workplace, i Workers do not have to bear the costs. In this period, there were emergency options that allowed companies to deduct costs related to safety, and we think this is the right way.” The question is central, because a No-vax worker can get a green card by undergoing frequent tests and without the need for vaccination, but this will be Insignificant extra cost because tampons cost around 20€ and you will need at least 3 per week.

CGIL: “Everyone should have a vaccine”

The position of the CGIL on this issue does not change: the government and Parliament have the responsibility to introduce the vaccination law to everyone, not just some categories of workers. Renewing the position of the union is the Council of the Confederation. “In line with the provisions of our Constitution, the CGIL requires the government and Parliament to assume the political responsibility to provide for the duty to vaccinate all citizens, an obligation taken by the state only for health workers, and measures for tracing, containment and health surveillance”, reads the union. The union returns to criticizing a possible decision in favor of the “Green Corridor” “which may at this point become an alternative to compulsory vaccination.” CGIL also declares its commitment to “una national campaign Training and information » about vaccines, as well as with gatherings in all workplaces.

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