Easier to hack than a smartphone

Connecting cars has a high risk, and research has shown how easy it is to hack our car, you have to be careful.

Connected cars hack
Connected Car Hacking – Motori.News

there technology very important and led to many new developments in many fieldsalso in cars world That’s what it is. The point is that all something positiveOften hide negative, as in this case. The car is connected to the tender The information and our help is very helpfulIt’s too bad easy to hack. a Search Show how is an ad high risk A means to connect, since a good hacker can you send us Tilt the car.

What happens specifically?

cars now Connected to technical devicesAnd it could no longer be done without it. This is now Driver’s need led to a slowdown in productionon condition Chips not found To achieve this function on the car. but now problem The more you throw it, the bigger it gets cyber securitywho say that to hacker he is It is very easy to hack our car. to cautionLet’s not talk about it Theft or theft of our caras it happens with me street thieves, The The effects are different.

Auto screen
All cars now have a screen that connects to the phone – Motori.news

If we don’t talk about it stolen cars you hate Taken simple radios, What are we talking about? Well, let’s talk about it Much greater riskThis is it hacker who – which hacks Our car takes Check. that by saying check it out The car operating systemswherever he was. there The electronic part no longer responds to usThus, the car becomes useless. It may also go worstmaybe if there is They will demand a ransomto do return L ‘The car is the same as before.

How did you notice this?

David Colombo it’s a too small researcherthis is not a German cyber securityfrom suns 19 years. Find out who Homepage This is it It is very easy to hack Teslago further Violate 25 carsin Different countries of the world. From his room, David managed to open and close the car doorsto me Use headlightsto me trumpet soundAnd the He also turned on the radios. In short, I sent wire Unfortunate cars, luck it is not hacker.

Tesla picture
Teslas appears to be the hardest hit by this hacker attack – Motori.news

this is Opening the test to real problemseven if Colombo it’s not hackerand some are already They started this practice. a There is no solution at the momentIf you don’t do much, attention. of course it is It’s hard to noticenow everyone Connected carsTherefore, I exist easy to catch for these gentlemen. Who knows where it will come from, maybe they will start sellingAntivirus for machines.

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