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infinite aura She will have her own Art book con the art of halo, revealed today by 343 Industries, which will be distributed in version Standard e Deluxe Edition With a different cover, focusing on the technical production accompanying the game’s development, with illustrations, concepts, and more about the new chapter in the series.

The choice of the cover for the deluxe edition of the Halo Infinite art book is very special, which highlights the box Master Head, or rather the armor of Mjolnir, with a choice somewhat out of the box compared to the lore of the series, which usually focus on the Master Chief’s helmet as an iconic element.

All this gives a special, clean and geometric aspect to the object in question, which for the rest looks like a very rich volume, also from the point of view of the edition, published by Dark Horse Books in the USA.

The Art of Halo: Deluxe Edition, here is the cover and contents of the special edition art book

Inside, we find many illustrations, concept artPreparatory drawings, photographs and various images related to Halo Infinite’s artistic creativity.

This allows you to get a more in-depth view of the choices that 343 Industries make in Create Zeta Halo, and the preparation of the new chapter, as well as in the design of the character of the Master Chief and the other characters and enemies present, bearing in mind certain characteristics evident in the adopted style.

The Art of Halo: The Art of Halo Standard Edition Hardcover Book on Halo Infinite
The Art of Halo: The Art of Halo Standard Edition Hardcover Book on Halo Infinite

Art of Halo will be available, at least in North America, from December 14 It’s $39.99 for the Standard Edition, while the Deluxe Edition will cost $79.99. We also remember that the release of Halo Infinite, announced during Gamescom, is scheduled for December 8, 2021, and a new multiplayer beta has also been announced for September.

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