Bridge of Spirits on Xbox Series X | S or Nintendo Switch? We’ll talk about it later –

Qena: The Bridge of Souls It has just been released on PS5, PS4 and PC but we still don’t know anything about a possible arrival Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Nintendo SwitchHowever, the Ember Labs team doesn’t rule out the possibility at all, only claiming to want it only talk later.

Interview by SegmentNext, Ember Labs co-founder, Josh Greer, confirmed that the exclusive agreement with PlayStation and the Epic Games Store is of a time nature, and when this expires, Kena: Bridge of Spirits could also reach other platforms, namely Xbox, Nintendo Switch or Steam.

No exact timing or benchmarking platforms were mentioned, but the question remains open: “We are currently focused on the PlayStation and Epic Games Store launches, which are related totime-exclusive“We will consider other platforms after launch and a period of rest,” the developer said.

It’s still too early to think about next steps to take in other directions, the Ember Labs co-founder reiterated, noting that it’s only been a few days since its release.

Qena: The Bridge of Souls, a scene from the game
Qena: The Bridge of Souls, a scene from the game

However, being a rather small team, it may take some time to move to other platforms, so we don’t know when Qena: The Lives Bridge may arrive on other consoles.

For now, we’re referring you to our Kena: Bridge of Spirits review, while the developers have also reported the possibility of new content and features coming in the future.

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