TikTok launches the first augmented reality filter to use the iPhone 12 Pro’s LIDAR camera

TikTok released the first augmented reality filter that can use the iPhone 12 Pro’s LIDAR sensor for an enhanced clipping effect that realistically stabilizes people or objects in your room.

The effect itself is just a rather late drop in 2021 (which looks like it would have been more beneficial a few days ago). But the ball filter is just the beginning, with TikTok promising to “develop more creative effects in 2021..” Of note is the fact that one of the world’s most popular video platforms jumps on board with support for one of the notable features on Apple’s more expensive and premium smartphones. .

TikTok isn’t the only major company focused on Apple’s LIDAR technology. Snapchat, one of the other major players when it comes to augmented reality filters, has already added support for Apple’s LIDAR sensor. Back in October, Allowing content creators to create their own augmented reality filters for the app.

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