Global Dance Movement: Six shows between July 13-22

Castellana Grotte comes alive with international dance workshop offerings: six evenings of entertainment dedicated to dance. Thursday 13 July begins with “Con Te Mimmo”, grand opening with Compagnia Eleina D & Wonder Boys, with choreography by Vito Cassano and Fabrizio Poli. Godmother of the evening Isobel Kinnear, winner of the 2022 TEAM Prize in Amici.

After Umberto Tozzi and the Gloria Forever Tour stage last July 2, Largo Porta Grande is once again the protagonist of Summer Squares 2023, a program of summer events and appointments, from June to September, organized and promoted by the Municipality of Castellana Grotte and Grotte di Castellana srl.

From Thursday 13 to Saturday 22 July 2023 the 13th edition of the global dance movement will be on stage, a now traditional summer date in Castellana, an event that transforms the city into a global village with a global theme and hosts dancers, choreographers and performers from all over the world. At the Largo Porta Grande site, in addition to the International Dance Workshop, six evenings of dance entertainment to enjoy the beauty and positive energy that comes from the performances of young and talented dancers, an expression of a delightful international melting pot. In this thirteenth edition, in fact, there are entries from Australia, China, the United States, Canada, Russia, Estonia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, France, Germany, South Africa, Ghana and of course Italy, for a total of about 250 dancers and choreographers.

Through the global dance movement, dance becomes a messenger of harmony between peoples, an expression of peaceful coexistence and pollution, multiculturalism as opportunity and respect for diversity, and a lively expression of grace and beauty, youth and vitality.

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It begins on Thursday, July 13, 2023, at 21 o’clock, with the show “Con Te Mimmo”, a tribute to Mimmo Dawley, founder and former president of WDM, and his vision of art, understood as a mixture of expressions and languages ​​that intertwine while giving life to new forms. On stage, at the grand opening, Elena D and the Wonder Boys, choreographed, respectively, by Vito Cassano and Fabrizio Brolli. Godmother of the evening, Isobel Kinnear, a young Australian dancer, is very popular on social media, runner-up in the dance category and winner of the 2022 Team Award in Amichi.

After the opening night, there will be 5 more dates at the World Dance Movement company with the two sessions scheduled for Friday 14th July 2023 and Friday 21st July (always at Largo Porta Grande and always at 9pm), and International Competitions, including Aerial Dance (scheduled on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July 2023), and the grand finale with a performance of Hooked Dance by Elias Lazaridis, Greek dancer and choreographer of shining international stature, scheduled for Saturday 22 July 2023.

The events are free. Access is free. Seats are subject to availability.

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