Sony and Honda drive towards Level 3 autonomous driving thanks to Qualcomm

The electric vehicle that Sony and Honda announced at CES this year is supposed to be an entertainment center on wheels, but for the project AFEELA EV Can be realized Qualcomm will also be needed.

As I mentioned the cars News, The AFEELA EV will need Qualcomm’s digital chassis platform to be able to offer Level 3 autonomous driving.

According to the SAE Classification of Driving Automation, Level 3 does not require the driver to actually drive the vehicle, but is sufficient for the driver to take control when the job requires it.

The AFEELA EV will have around 45 sensors and be governed by integrated artificial intelligence, but all of that needs a proper platform and Qualcomm seems to fit in. The chipmaker is also working on an automotive solution for upcoming vehicles that can collect information from all sensors, feed images to all interior displays, receive OTA updates and provide real-time alerts via 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities to the driver.

The AFEELA EV will reportedly feature an interface built on the Unreal Engine, the same graphics engine that powers the interior displays in GMC’s Hummer EV, and Sony will contribute several entertainment technologies across its movie, music and video game divisions.

Production of the AFEELA EV is expected to begin in 2025 at a Honda factory in Ohio, US, and deliveries are expected to begin in 2026, but it appears to be a niche product and is therefore expected to cost more than $100,000.

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