Germany, 29 thousand injuries in 24 hours. Provincial government: “restrictions now, we cannot wait.” Vaccination record: 738 thousand in one day

We can’t wait any longer, not even a day, it’s essential Act immediately. The German government is sounding the alarm about the new spike in recorded infections in the past few hours and is asking the provinces to provide support immediately. More stringent restrictions Before the virus returned to spread in the country uncontrolled and uncontrolled. a A race against timeAlthough April 13 The Cabinet approved the amendment of the Health Protection Law That allows the executive to implement new measures without having to delve into the usual tug of war with regional governments. Actually, there is no approval from Parliament, but the country matters today 29 thousand infections, While Yesterday they were More than 21 thousand.

Vaccination records While the pandemic curve is worrisome BerlinThe record-breaking vaccination campaign continues 738mila Vaccinations. So far, in the Federal Republic, the first dose has been administered 17% of the population And the second to 6,3%. Minister of Health Janes Span He stressed that with large deliveries expected in recent months and Engage general practitioners In the vaccination campaign that I started at the beginning April, You expect that by the summer, as promised in the past, all citizens will be offered a vaccine.

Anxiety about the progression of the epidemic – ”The numbers are very high And it’s still rising. In the intensive care unit, they increase daily. “ Span At a press conference. “You can’t wait until next week when the law is on emergency brake. Time is running out and we can’t wait. We need new restrictive measures. While he was the head of the Robert Koch Institute He stated that “we need to reduce communications more immediately.”

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The German government had already acted in anticipation of a possible return of the infection, given the concessions granted in recent weeks, three months later the country had to live in. Doro lock. In fact, Berlin decided that if the number of infections increased beyond the threshold of 100 new cases per 100,000 people per week, the decision to impose a general lockdown could come directly from the central government, without having to consult the states. Hence it lengthens times. Below the set risk threshold, the government will have to decide on any restrictions as it has done so far, and find an agreement with the regional governments.

The executive authority is trying to use accelerated procedures to get the proposal through Parliament quickly, but the Minister of Health was forced to reveal himself anyway because the number of injuries returned to alarming numbers. German health authorities reported 29,426 new infections in approximately one day 9 thousand more Compared to last week, the weekly infection rate per 100,000 people increased to 160.1 cases, which exceeds the specified risk limit.

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