Longing for shopping and walking, our VIP relaxing outdoors

In red and orange areas, it is recommended to stay indoors, but a short walk is still permitted to extend your legs. And then Francesca Ferragni On a stroll to Parco Sempione and his sister Chiara FerragniA few days after giving birth win overAnd Holds a virgin Lyon Playing in the open air. Federica Narge Instead he goes wild in a padel match

Even outside, staying home is tough, especially for those who have just had a baby. Gigi Hadid e Zayn Malik They were both paparazzi on a walk in New York with their first daughter Xai In the wheelchair, while Emily Ratajakowski He preferred a bag with a zipper to take for a walk Sylvester Apollo. Kaia Gerber Wandering the streets of Los Angeles in gymnastics equipment, Rihanna Don’t ditch your miniskirt and heels to go shopping.

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