Ferrari, now wins in Zandvoort: it will be the best medicine

Turin – What lesson can Ferrari draw from the defeat in Belgium? Difficult to answer immediately, the same men are headed Mattia Binotto They will have to analyze in depth what happened. The team manager rules out that modifications made to the car (necessary to comply with the provisions of Technical Directive 39) have affected performance, but further details are likely to be implemented in this regard. However, it is undeniable that Red Bull – as Maranello admitted – has put efficiency and aerodynamic power on the right track, which is what it takes to win at Spa (and one might say simplistically, on any other track in the world…).

power unit – However, at the spa, we saw all the power of the Max Factor. True, he had a new power unit (and maybe some improvements to the chassis), but the gap in his teammate was amazing. His team was impressed by how strong he was and how he held the car. On the contrary, the two Ferrari drivers had to fight against their individual seats, which didn’t quite fit (except for the first laps). To reverse this trend, the best and safest recipe would be to win next Sunday in the Netherlands, at Verstappen’s home. The Zandvoort Trail is very different from the Spa, the transformation is not impossible. The World Championship drift is no longer corrected, but success will be an incalculable power-booster.

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