My friends, I was stunned by the reunion. Too bad about dust under the rug

A year and a half of hype To bring back friends from middle school. That was my first thought (but I admit: it’s all envy) at the end Reunion Friends, the televised event that aired May 27 on HBO Max and aired on Now and Sky Atlantic concurrently with the US.

Of course, I sighed when I knew it wouldn’t be new seriesFor an unreleased season or episode أو passing by: I think the authors have already got a taste of what can happen in this case. first with aerial, the pop-up series that aired shortly after the end of friends and closed to low scores; Then with all the revivals that and for several years now, thanks to turning off the imagination taps, he turned on the TV entertainment channels. Fire and Far: We’re sitting on the couch waiting for the new adventures of the characters who stood on our bedroom posters in the late ’90s, and what we get is just a sad overview of how much the actors have plagiarized. They are getting old, which led to more pathetic in their interpretations of aitanti bad boys or procaci I mean girls (Because let’s face it, gender equality and inclusive sermons weren’t very fashionable at the time: Thank God the water went under the bridge.)

But let’s get back to us: meet friends it was anyway bewitching. The reunion of the six heroes in the group reconstructed for the occasion brought the first tears: in the end, it is still the characters who made us dream, laugh and desire a fairy tale like theirs, in that moment in life where “friends are your family”. The text-reading moment is also exciting, with the most famous lines of the 236 episodes being interpreted: as if time had stopped thirty years ago. Beside that touch the brackets In it, famous or unknown viewers explain what the TV series means to them and what interpretations it gives to their personal lives.

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But there is a but; In fact, there are quite a few here. The first is certainly the rise of the celebrity, who was forced to participate in the episode to give it a touch of modernity – or perhaps eliminate the inevitable old patina in some cases. Finally, Lady Gaga this sings Smelly cat Followed by the gospel choir also no – but a nice message as a legacy: to be yourself even if it’s “a little different”, like Phoebe, This is not wrong. Likewise turning down the show in original costumes, hitting and running secondary characters and interviewing James Corden (even if a real crush between David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston is revealed, Russians e Rachel In the series, it will make fans talk for a long time.)

But more than anything, it was more interesting to pull the dust under the rug, perhaps to archive it permanently. friendsViewed with sensitivity today, it includes moments that we will not hesitate to identify now Slips: Anti-gay jokes, veiled racism, and decidedly unrealistic situations (what 25-year-old girl could buy that house in New York today?). Not to mention the addiction tunnel into which Matthew Perry, a cynical Chandler who battled the cigarette habit, among other things due to popularity and who, at least from what appears in this encounter, does not seem to have been completely released: the actor was the least talked-about and always seemed It looks uncomfortable.

However, it is precisely his character’s story that has helped clarify public opinion issues on the agenda today, such as gender identity, technological innovation and “alternative masculinity” that have taken on the stereotypes we know all too well. Even as the actors recalled the mistakes on set, the hits and the good old days, Perry hinted at the topic but immediately moved on to something else. In short, in my opinion missed opportunity. sin.

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Let us console ourselves with two new consciousnesses. the first: What wasThere’s no point in reminiscing about the past (and thanks to the reunion for reminding us). Two: We may have also sensed a part of that encounter, but at least we avoided the hassles of experiencing it firsthand. No castmates or ex-boyfriends can be held accountable (also because nobody’s going to pay us $2.5 million, the stamp of each actor for this particular episode): at least the inconvenience We gladly leave it to you.

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