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Kim vs. Biden. No negotiations for Pyongyang

The Secretary of State’s False Claims to Washington and Threats from Kim’s Terrible Sister. Pyongyang is resuming the scene against the Biden administration. Who answers: “diplomacy and toughness”?

North Korea rejected the idea of ​​holding talks with Washington and described US diplomacy as “wrong” a day after the Biden administration announced that it was open to diplomatic negotiations on nuclear disarmament. The news is bouncing in the state media in Pyongyang.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said Sunday in a series of statements published by the news agency that the diplomacy was a “fake” attempt by the United States to “cover up its hostilities.” KCNA.
Kwon Jung GeonThe Director General of the Department of American Affairs of the North Korean Ministry quoted the first political speech by L. Joe Biden Before Congress (Wednesday, April 28), the US President said that the nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran pose threats that can be addressed through “diplomacy and extreme deterrence.”

Biden’s speech was “unbearable” and “a big mistake,” Kwon roared. “His statement clearly reflects his intention to continue implementing the hostile policy towards North Korea, as the United States has done for more than half a century,” he said. Now that Biden’s policy is clear, he said, North Korea “will have to press for similar measures, and at the appropriate time the United States will find itself in a very dangerous situation.”

In a separate statement, a State Department spokesman accused Washington of insulting the dignity of the country’s top leadership, the satrap. Kim Jong Un, Criticizing the human rights situation in North Korea.
The criticism of human rights is a provocation that shows the United States is “preparing for a comprehensive confrontation” with North Korea, and will receive a response accordingly, the regime officer wrote. “We have warned the United States enough to understand that it will be hurt if it provokes us.”

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The White House said Friday that its goal remains “a complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” The press secretary told reporters that the US policy would see “an improved, pragmatic approach that is open to diplomacy and explores” different solutions with North Korea. Jane Psaki. Psaki gave little indication of the kind of diplomatic initiative this might involve, but indicated that Biden learned from the experience of previous administrations, who had fought for decades to confront North Korea’s dictatorship and then see the DPRK’s nuclear arsenal. Cultivation of marzipan.

He made it clear that Washington “will not focus on getting a big deal.” An apparent reference to the type of global theatrical deal the former president struck Donald Trump He initially suggested that it was possible when he met the North Korean leader.

In a third statement, Kim Yoo YoungA senior government official and the sister of Kim, who was on a successful ascent among the regime leaders, strongly criticized South Korea for failing to prevent dissident activists from dropping flyers against North Korea. These activists frequently throw hot air balloons with an anti-regime message and dollar bills tied to the North Korean lands. They send signals to the residents, and try to weaken Kim’s power.

“We consider the maneuvers carried out by human waste in the south as a dangerous provocation against our country, and we will discuss the corresponding measures,” Kim Yoo Jong said. Last year, North Korea blew up an inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong, at the border, after Kim Yoo-jung launched a campaign criticism for the post’s release. It was one of our most tense moments in a long time.

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