Farewell to dealers: here is the new Stellantis sales model

There is a small revolution happening in the automotive world, which could change the interaction experience between supplier and end user forever. As previously announced, Republic Stating that Stellants Group I decided to reorganize the sales network from July 2023, when a new distribution mechanism will be implemented. The nucleus of this new project will be Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. All other countries, including Italy, would follow later.

The plan is cancelled Dealers – agents As a sales stop: The project has been launched some time ago, as evidenced by the termination of contracts already made a year ago from June 2023. Stellantis’ idea is to give car manufacturers greater control according to the dealership model. These changes also take into account the new EU regulation VBer (Vertical block exemption regulation). From this point of view, Stellantis thinks of a structure from which new forms are created, i.e delegatescalled to act on their own behalf but on behalf of third parties.

Ove HochegeshortsStellantis Chief Operating Officer for expanded Europe, explained that the intent behind this change is the need to create a new model that is sustainable for all stakeholders and focused on the customer experience: “Clients will benefit from a multi-brand, multi-channel approach with a wide range of services. Dealers will have a new and efficient business model designed to take advantage of Stellantis’ portfolio of 14 brands“.

Among the Stellantis brands there are also the very Italian Fiat and Alfa Romeo cars, which are based in the historic Mirafiori headquarters in Turin. Today, on the occasion of the opening of the art installation of the Let’s pArte project at the Istituto composed by Gaetano Salvemini, President of Stellantis John Elkann He stressed the importance of Italian factories, also in this new perspective: “Stellantis is here in Mirafiori today with a whole series of initiatives for the future of sustainable mobility. What we are doing here, in Turin and in Mirafiori, thanks to the work done with the city and the region, will offer enormous opportunities“.

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