If the tablet does not dissolve in the dishwasher, then this explains the reason

It often happens that you open the dishwasher once the cycle is over and you see the tablet practically intact. The dishes are unlikely to be clean. If the tablet does not dissolve in the dishwasher, then this explains the reason, or rather the reasons, that we see with our experts. In most cases, there is nothing to worry about, but if it recurs, we still need to take action. As we often explain, a dishwasher requires simple but frequent routine maintenance.

The first reason is the tablet itself

If the tablet does not dissolve in the dishwasher, then this explains the reason, which may be clearer to everyone: the product is of poor quality. Oh yeah, because not all pads are the same and some are not calibrated for short cycles. This means that in order to dissolve completely, some pads, especially competition and non-branded ones, need long cycles. In these cases, we can also place the tablet PC at the bottom of the device.

This could be a problem in the restroom

Another reason that the tablet does not dissolve may be related to the incorrect hydration cycle. In fact, if the wash cycle is not using the water flow at the correct speed, the tablet may not dissolve. In this case, it is almost certain that the low and insufficient flow of water is associated with clogging of the mechanical parts of the device. Even with simple and white vinegar, it pays to consider starting an empty course BicarbonateTo clean and restore water flow.

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The door is blocked

The dishwasher is a very practical device, but it is also simple. Therefore, we can look for another reason why the tab simply does not dissolve in the face. So let’s check that this is not blocked, but any incorrect positioning of dishwashers should also be paid attention to. In fact, the latter can prevent the door from being opened. Even the massive presence of moisture inside a dishwasher can prevent the tablet from melting, causing it to solidify.


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