Emerald Nights at Bistecone

His unforgettable comment? Face to face in Lazio and Rome with Francesco Totti at La Mola. Refree? Simona Ventura. Tino DiMuro and Giampero Galeazzi, the friend who no longer exists. The reporter disappeared on November 12. With praise from the world of entertainment, sports and the press. “It was real and direct, it brought the audience closer. To Tino – repeat to me – I want to be myself in an increasingly complex world.” With Romanian commentator and commander, born in 1946, a full tank with absolute titles, the entrepreneur from Gallura has been a sponsor of Vigne Surrau’s trips, reviews and initiatives since the 1990s. From holidays in the snow to tours of farmhouses in the countryside of Loras and San Pantaleo. Says Tino DiMuro. Galeazzi got the perfect pass from the area and from the residents. So when will you give it to me?” He joked, “It’s a combination of work and quality of people. I’ve lost and lost a dear friend.”

A piece of meat. Did he explain the origin to you before?

“Yes. It was given by Gilberto Evangelisti, the head of rai, and he welcomed him to the editorial office of Via del Babuino. Gian Piero did not deny him. But he stressed that if he sticks to him it is because he has made himself popular ».

However, he risked losing the “90th minute”..

He had to choose between sports and entertainment. He was disappointed. Mara Vinier had called him on Sunday afternoon on Ray Ono, and the ratings were high. He told me ‘I’m fine, they can’t force me to leave.’ He also thought about his children’s future. Then they chose a compromise in the editorial office, and with Mara they made peace.”

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What is flash?

“A hoarse voice, lightning gags, little preamble and never soft with the stars. Giampiero devised a way to make television. He respected the profession and wanted to be respected. He knew how to laugh at himself without being arrogant or selfish. He loved challenges, and here at Gallura he was a friend to many.”

How did you meet?

Costanzo introduced us to Spino in the late 1980s. We met up at Kannigioni with families. As a regional agriculture consultant, I told him about the Pecorino Romano producers who were going to attend the 1994 World Cup at Fancy food in the US, the world’s largest food and wine fair. Giampiero said nothing to me but worked a miracle: two hundred journalists arrived at the conference on Sardinian cheeses. who also praised him for his impromptu participation in the Cordas and Kanas concert.”

What was the balance sheet?

“Exceptional in all respects. I remember that Bruno Pizzol and Ezio Luzzi were close to us as well. “Atenu, you always owe me dinner!” Giampiero said to me.

Speaking of food, what are your preferences?

“Those who imagine that he is a Cassiaroni in quantity and in less quality are mistaken. He was a gourmet, and he was crazy about my wife Enrica’s gnocchi with wild boar and roast suckling pig that a Patada breeder friend cooked for us.”

Did he have any favorite places?

“La Costa, they called him everywhere. De Luca, chef at La Mola, loved the seafood buffet. While Filippo, at the landing of Baja Sardinia, was the master of barbecue. And on the farm of Le Brano, near Palau, we stopped to enjoy the baby.”

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Eat and anniversaries. What is the most curious?

“The VIP tournament was held at Cervo Tennis and Arzachena-Corra Cilvuna. As for football, there were sponsors Preziosi and Garrone, big names like Ancelotti, Mancini, Costacurta and Del Piero: he was honest with everyone. Even with the stars, from Franco Nero to Michele Placido, Diego Apatantono, Monica Bellucci and fellow TV hosts Paolo Bonolis and Andrea Barbato, he was cheerful and honest.”

Is there an important anecdote?

“Yes. He played and lost in three sets with Carmen Lazurrella. Up for grabs was the Fiat Cinquecento. Constantius told him that because of his size he wouldn’t be able to get in. He took it a bit.”

Was he paying a fee for being a known Lazio fan?

“He was always very calm. He commented without prejudice or prejudice: ‘Tino, if Spago Mia pay salty!'”

What was he proud of?

Interviews with Gianni Agnelli and Diego Maradona. He noted that he had asked the lawyer if there were more Christian Democrats or Juventus supporters in Italy. And he was proud of his visit to Reykjek for the opinion of the Gorbachev-Reagan summit. He was there for the Champions Cup match between Valor and Juventus. “To be a journalist, you need memory, curiosity, and a straight back,” he said. While he did not boast a degree in economics and, as a university student, a short job at Fiat Marketing in Turin.”

When did you last see him?

“In 2018, in Fiumicino. He shouted at me “Tino, Tino!” He turned halfway around the airport. He was in a wheelchair. We had coffee and he gave me one of his recent books “An envoy is not born by chance.” We talked on the phone during an epidemic. He was very experimental.”

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How do you want to remember it?

After dinner, at the hotel, in Plan de Corones, singing “Giardini di Marzo” by Lucio Battisti and “Se telephoning” to Mina with Gatti di vicolo miracoli.

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