“We are starving”: Seri and Donato listen to the economic sector in eastern Sicily

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In Isfoter, the Confcommercio Study Center in Catania, a series of meetings were held last Friday with advocates of major productive activities in eastern Sicily, with a senator from the League. Armando Seri, Former agent of the 1st Conte government, H. Francesca Donato, MEP of the League-ID group, and was recently appointed as the keynote speaker for the European Parliament’s initiative report on the status of the European Union islands and the challenges to be faced. Both MPs have long emphasized the need to reopen everything to reopen businesses, which have been frozen for months due to restrictions, closures and curfews.

related to From the world of agriculture and crafts, street vendors, restaurants, wedding planners, beach clubs to representatives of amateur sports associations, gyms, dance club owners and young entrepreneurs. The groups that took turns at the discussion table with the representatives of the university, are asking for urgent interventions and above all, the possibility of returning to work. Not the support – which in some cases never arrived – but the right to generate income to pay for expenses, taxes, employees, and the ability to support their families.

Words calling for national and regional government and politics in general for clarity and concrete action.

When will we be able to start working again? When will we be able to resume programming of events?Ask Alessandra Bentivolio and Dario Pistorio to act Wedding planners and event sector operators. The sector in Sicily in 2020 lost 10,000 induced labor more than 300 million euros.

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We’ve already postponed all events by one year – Bentivoglio continues Let us know when we can get out of this impasse

The same level of requests from operators The entertainment sector: “I received a € 20,000 refreshment and paid € 40,000 waste taxRefers to Antonio Messina, present as the regional representative of dance clubs in Sicily.

We are a group that is totally mistreated, even if we pay the most taxes – He claims – If we don’t have to work, don’t at least make us pay our taxes“.

However, the locals, having given up on the winter, want to return to work in the summer. But for many locals, it was too late: some Discos Messina explains that they were evicted because they could no longer pay the rents.

Young people lose confidence in Sicily: there are no opportunities. The companies that provide digital services, if they do not have a world of companies producing around them, the demand for them is constrained by the services. Digital transformation, through whichEuropeIn deserted southern areas, the population is at risk of being at risk due to the scarcity of human resources. We may have broadband plus but if there is a shortage of young people with the skills to use digital devices, then nothing will be done. We need to intervene with targeted youth policies backed by a successful business fabric.

The testimonies of street vendors, exhibition operators and artisans are also exciting, in the words of Orazio Platania (Apple Clay), Nilo Molino (Casartigiani), Pietro Agen (Confcomercio Catania), Coglitor Arturo and Giuseppe Fichera (Viva, Italian Federation) The Street Vendors): variations of a single topic : 14 months off work. With three words: “We are starving.”

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