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All series previews air on Canale 5 in the afternoon, day in and day out.

New Programming Week for love is in the air with bets from December 13-17, 2021. Here are all file previews soap broadcast on Channel 5 In the afternoon in the day.

Love is in the Air December 13-17, 2021

Ed, on the recommendation of burak, rebuilds the past few years with sarkan, his illness, a categorical refusal to have children; And in the end remove Ed. at the same time Ed It seems to appear Angel e ever Intent to disclose a sarkan Truth through message. except for this AidanLacking the courage to do so verbally, she writes a letter to her son telling him of her relationship with him. maturityAnd leave it in a car sarkan.

Episode 14 December

Angel, search for the character before sarkanand think about it Ed So I wanted to inform sarkan who – which Cherry She is his daughter, take her and go to ever; Then they decided to inform them sarkan, for fear that Ida would do it in a hurry. There is a misunderstanding about the message that Ed He will leave in a car sarkan, which would reveal the existence of Cherry. But the message is not from Ed It remains a mystery.

Love is in the air from December 13 to 17 where it was filmed

Love is in the air December 15th

Nobody e Beryl They have a discussion that arises from family planning problems, but they will solve them by trying to understand each other’s needs. Under the pretext of discussing commercial matters, sarkan calling Ed in the office. to her amazement, sarkan He has fired all the staff, the office is empty and they are alone. After some embarrassment, the two separate and work together in perfect harmony.

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December 16 conspiracy episode

sarkan Organize a dinner in the office. Would like to try an approach, but Ed He receives a phone call from her daughter H sarkan I think affectionate words Ed for every Cherry Actually targeting the man. accompanying Ed in hotel, sarkan He makes a scene of jealousy and they end up arguing.

Love is in the air 13-17 final dicembre

Love in the Air Shocking Episode 17 dicembre

Ed, as urged ever e Angel, begins to think about the possibility of detecting a sarkan The truth about their daughter. Aidan She’s upset because she doesn’t understand why sarkan You didn’t read the letter you left in the car and where you confessed to being with him maturity For some time and who decided to live together. The letter, however, in the hands CV.

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