Diodato, after a world tour in Europe and the United States, again began touring club

After touring around the world which brought him to Europe and the United States, decomposing
live in major clubs, 10 unmissable dates in spring 2023
In Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

After returning from the border tour that led him to Europe and the United States, decomposing come back live with Ten dates Produced and organized OTR LIVE That would bring the singer-songwriter in the finest clubs Major European cities, in spring 2023.

These are the dates the singer-songwriter will be working on Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic in 2023: The April 15th In the club Hall to me PaduaThe April 20th at Alcatraz to me MilanThe April 22nd to me Concord Theatre From TurinThe April 27th to me Bologna inEstragonThe April 29th inAtlantic to me RomeL’May 11th hustle to me MadridThe May 18th to me machininhaus to me BerlinThe May 20th to me Paris to me Café de la DanseThe May 26th In the club Peterzoot From Amsterdam And finally May 27th to me Prague in Palak Acropolis.


Pre-sale of Italian dates I Open from today And the Available On the authorized departments and on the following link: https://www.otrlive.it/tour-dates/diodato-tour-2023/. From November 30, pre-sale for European dates will be available at the same link.

The unreleased song If you want me (Carousel Records) By couple It is part of the soundtrack to Dibolik – Ginko’s on the offensive!And the A film in which the artist appears aware For the first time, a special cameo The official video clip was taken from it, immersing itself deeply in the atmosphere and cinematic historiography of the most famous Italian comedies from the sixties. with If you want meAnd the couple Returns to write and interpret unpublished work related to a successful film project “what a wonderful life”.

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