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The program and schedules of winter sports today

Speed ​​skating 16.30 – Russian Natalia Voronina won the World Cup in Division A of the women’s 3000m race with a track record at 3’56 “853, ahead of Dutchman Antoinette de Jong, second at 3’58” 908, at 2 “05, and Irene Skotin , Third in 4’00 153, at 3 30. eighth Francesca Lollobrigida in 4’03 “507, at 6” 65 In the A division of the men’s 5,000 meters race, Dutchman Patrick Rust was successful in 6’05 “959, ahead of the Swedish Niels van der Paul, second at 6’08 “393, at 2 43, while Russian Sergey Trofimov is third at 6’10 864, at 4 90. In Italy, David Giotto is fifth at 6’12 054, at 6 ’09, while Andrea Giovanini is 12 at 6’18 032, at 12 07, and finally Michelle Malvati is in 13th place at 6’20 471, at 14 51.

16.17 NORDIC COMBINED – The Norwegian Jarl Magnus Reaper completed the action, defending himself in 15km of cross country skiing and winning a three-way Seefeld for the second year in a row. Previous season dominants were Finland’s Ilkka Herola and Japan’s Akito Watabe, seeded second and third seed, respectively, at the finish line. Germany is at the foot of the podium with Erik Frenzel in fourth place, ahead of fellow countryman Vinzenz Geiger. Italy is on points with three athletes: Alessandro Petén is excellent in 21st in a wonderful comeback, Samuel Costa is 28th, and Raphael Bozzi is 30th.

16.11 Pop – Catherine Pearl won the 2020-2021 Women’s Skateboarding World Cup. The Austrian finished the day in the Eagles in an excellent third place behind American Kylie Humphries, who won a time of 1: 47.07, 4 cents ahead of her compatriot Ilana Myers-Taylor and 6 over Austria. On the other hand, the Giada Andreotti 17A closes at 1.89.

15.33 ALPINE SKIING – a thunderbolt of blue that shook everyone. Sofia Jogia was rescued on the tourist trail that runs alongside “Kandahar”, after she recovered from a bad fall in the valley. There is talk of an accident in which the Olympic slopes champion unfortunately reported a serious knee injury. Official communications are suspended.

15.11 Cross Country Skiing – Between the fall of Eric Valens and the sunset, Johannes Claybo confirms that he is the strongest in the classic speed race in Fallon. A victory for the Norwegian, who won 2’48 22 over Sweden’s Oscar Svenson (+1,45) and the other Norwegian, Havard Solas Taugbuil (+2,80) undated. Federico Pellegrino ends his way from fifth in the semifinals, finishing the year in ninth place. In the neighborhoods, despite the fight, is Michael Rustelli, who is 24th at the end.

15.09 JUMP with WOMEN’S SKI – Austrian Marietta Kramer made an appearance at Titisee Neustadt and won the third victory of the season in the World Cup, ahead of Japan’s Sarah Takanashi (Super Second) by 2.2 points and Norwegian Celje with 12.5 points Obsteth. (Third to return after eighth in the first series). Performance is in line with expectations in Italy: Jessica Malsiner ranked 20th and Lara Malsiner ranked 25th.

15.00 Cross-country skiing – The World Cup closes the stage in Fallon, Sweden, with the day dedicated to running in classic style: In the women’s final, Sweden’s Lyn Svan wins a speedy race at 3’13 17, who beats the Slovenian Anamarija Lampic takes second place at 0 33, while Sweden’s Jonna Sundling was ranked third for the 1000 parts and always in third place at 0 33. Lucia Scardone, the only Italian to qualify, was out in the semifinals and is generally ranked 12th.

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14.36 Slip – Austria mocked Germany in the relay team that went to close the Koenigssee World Cup. A blow by the Austrians, who beat the host by just 38 per thousand. Bronze medal for Poland, 432 ppm, then the United States and Italy, off the podium, with Vuittier, Vichnaller and Ridder / Rustner in the race.

14.09 BIATHLON – Norway reacts to the morning disaster and asserts itself in the mixed relay that closes the European Biathlon Championship program in Duszniki Zdroj (Poland). The quartet of Calkenberg, Skreddy, Beauentegaard and Bakken finished by 30 ″ over Germany (0 + 7) despite a penalty kick in the early stages. The Germans (Voigt, Deigentesch, Schmuck, and Nawrath) can also be complacent, responding with silver to gold for the single mix. Third Ukraine (Petrenko, Simrenko, Tsimbal and Prima) at 52 degrees with 10 reloads. Lithuania in 1’02 “surprisingly is fourth in front of the still excellent Italy, which after fourth in the morning closes fifth with a victory over Austria in the 1’14 race, despite 10 reloads. Eleonora Fawner, Nicole Guntier, Giuseppe Montello and Patrick played Brownhofer performed convincingly powerful and expanded potential.

14.05 SPEED SKATING – In the World Cup in Division A of the women’s 500m race, Dutchman Femke Kok beat at 37 “333” ahead of Russia’s Angelina Golikova, second in 37 “372, 0” 03, and Daria Kachanova, third in 37 “637 At 0 30. In the A section of the men’s 500 meters race, the Dutch double with Ronald Mulder first with a time of 34 555 and second Hein Otterspierre in 34 590, 0 03, while Canada’s Laurent Dubreuil in 34 594, 0 03 third. Mirko Giacomo Nenzi was ranked 16th at 35.292, at 0 ″ 73.

13.20 ALPINE SKIING – Despite a completely ruined track, Henrik Kristoffersen takes the slalom from Chamonix (France) and hits a second seasonal success. The Norwegian stood on a completely devastating path, ahead of Swiss Ramon Zinhäusern by 28 cents and with 66 compatriot Sandro Simone, who regained 27 places. Fourth, Austrian Adrien Bertel tied at 1.03 (21 places back) with Frenchman Victor Moffat-Jende, sixth Austrian Marco Schwartz at 1.28, and Giuliano Razzoli seventh at 1.29 (in turn, 9 steps up) against Manfred Mulge at 1.31, after an increase of 19 jobs . Along with him is Alexis Pintorrault, while Sweden’s Christopher Jacobsen is tenth at 1.38. 13? Alex Vinatzer at 1.56, 21 Simon Maurberger at 1.90, then 26 and the latter at finish line Stefano Gross at 2.57.

13.16 ALPINE SKIING – Garmisch Women’s Super-G Shoe is canceled due to dense fog. The race will resume tomorrow, Monday, February 1. Afternoon time will be advised.

13.10 SkiCross – Bad weather canceled the entire weekend in Feldberg.

13.04 NORDIC COMBINED – Wrap up the jump on Seefeld Triple’s last Gundersen. 15 km from cross country skiing. Against the usual ostentatious Yarl Magnus Reaper already pawning victory, given the 38-inch margin over Akito Watape. Finn Ilkka Herola will try to catch up again, at third at 1’08 “. The best of the Italians is Alessandro Pettin, 30 at 4’57”. This is followed by Samuel Costa, 32 and Raphael Bozzi, 36.

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12.31 Notch – German poker in Koenigssee in the Women’s World Cup song. Domination by Julia Tobitz who wins the gold medal against Natalie Geisenberger and Dagana Itberger. A race to forget instead for the Italians, as they were all eliminated in the first round: Verena Hoover 22, Marion Oberhofer 23, Andrea Votter 24.

12.20 Speed ​​SkATING – In the World Cup in Division B of the men’s 500m, Geoffrey Rosanelli finished sixth in 35 “897, 0” 79 of the best time for German Joel Dufter, first in 35 “103. In Division B of the 1000 race Meter for men, David Bosa takes third in 1’10 185, 0 17 of the best time in the British Cornelius Kersten, first in 1’10 010. In the women’s 3000m class, Linda Rossa takes seventh place with the character in 4’11 ″ 205, 3 48 from Norwegian Sophie Caroline Haugen, first in 4’07 717. In the 5000m men’s class, Francesco Petit ranked 21 in 6’41 “856, 26″ 43 by Norwegian Ambassador Lund Pedersen, first in 6’15 ” 423.

12.15 BIATHLON – The European mixed singles relay goes to Germany from Stephanie Shearer and Justus Strillo, gold at 35’01 6, with 21 0 over France’s Caroline Colombo and Emilian Claude, silver, and 26 7 over Larissa Russia Kuklina and Evgeny Garanyshev. Fourth in 29 1 Italy from Rebecca Basler and Daniel Capillari.

12.10 cross-country skiing – Marcialonga among men goes to Sweden’s Emil Persson at 3h11: 09.75, according to Norwegian Tord Asle Gjerdalen at 0 36, third Russian Ermil Vokuev at 2 71. The best Italian is Mauro Brigadoy, 24 at 1’46 ″ 72. From Among the women, Swedish Lena Korsgren, with a 9 68 advantage over Norwegian Emily Fleeten and 45 52 over Swedish Ida Dahl.

12.05 BOB A 4 – Francesco Friedrich won the Igls (Austria) stage and made Crystal Ball his king, having also won the duo yesterday. The German finished an overall time of 1_42.08 ahead of Austrian Mayer with 22 cents and the Canadian Kripps with 39. The fourth was German Lochner at 57, fifth Russian Gaitiukevich at 62, sixth Latvian Kibermanis at 62, and seventh Korean won at 86. Twentieth we have Patrick Baumgartner at 1.73.

11.59 Cross-country skiing – tumultuous in Fallon: Alexander Bolshonov, World Cup captain and second in the specialist classification, leaves the scene in the World Cup race. Federico Pellegrino, sixth in 2’50 30, has a very good chance of earning points. Norwegian Eric Valens, at 2’46 ″ 83, leads Finn Johnny Maiky by 1 24 and Johannes Claybo by 2 23. Maicol Rastelli also passes, 23 degrees at 8 26. Outside Francesco de Fabiani, 40 at 10 87, and David Graz, 60 at 14 32.

11.25 Notch – the first hot nightmare in women’s singles for Italy at the Koenigssee World Championship. Andrea Wouter makes a mistake and is 24th after more than a second, ahead of Marion Oberhofer and Verena Hoover. In front of the void, Julia Tobitz on All-Germany Day: behind her, in fact, Geisenberger, Etbberger and Beritier.

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11.20 cross-country skiing – in the classic technical race of Fallon, Sweden, five Swedes are in the first seven, with Johanna Hagstrom first at 3’14 x 18 and Lin Svan in third at 3 31; They are joined by the Norwegian Tiril Udnes Weng, delaying 1 53 of the commander at a distance of 1,400 meters from the track. Of the Italians only Lucia Scardone passed 28 A in 11,78; Outside Greta Laurent (31A by 11 “99) and Katrina Janz (37A by 13” 51 “), they are the only other Italians at the start of the day.

11.08 ALPINE SKIING – The start of the Women’s Super-G Championship has been postponed to 13.30. Fog Bank, for now, doesn’t want to melt.

10.45 Alpine Skiing – The start of the Women’s Super J race from Garmisch has been postponed to 11.30. There is fog at the bottom of the track.

10.18 ALPINE SKIING – Henrik Kristoffersen tops the rankings after the first round of the Chamonix Slalom. The Norwegian is 23 cents ahead of France’s Alexis Pintorault and 44 over the Austrian, Marco Schwartz. Excellent race by Stefano Gross, who is ranked ninth at 86 cents from the top. Alex Vinatzer, who is close to the top ten (13th at 1.05). Giuliano Razzoli also performed positively (16th, +1.22), while Simon Moorberger (+1.65) and Manfred Moelig (+1.72) closed in the back, and qualified to the 26th and 27th places. Tommaso Sala and Ricardo Tonetti were out.

Hello and welcome to the live broadcast of Winter Sports today (Sunday January 31). It promises to be an especially exciting and exciting day, with many events not to be missed. Main highlighting The second Super G from Garmisch, Dove Sophia Jogia He will go looking for the podium after fourth place yesterday: Blue, who is dominant this season, will also try to shine in this specialty, as it appears that Swiss Lara Gott has an advantage and is ready to challenge Slovak Petra Vlhova in the overall standings of the World Cup.

Federico Pellegrino dreams of winning the Fallon Speedway. Aosta Valley has all the qualifications to experience a coup in Sweden: it will be a primary race for our cross-country skater, fully fighting for the conquest of the specialist crystal ball and longing for very heavy points. We hope to revive Alex Vinatzer In the second slalom of Chamonix, where the struggle for success appears to be open to more interpreters. To follow then also ice-jumping, bobsleigh, Nordic combined, European biathlon, freestyle skating and much more.

OA Spot provides you with Live broadcast on winter sports today (Sunday, January 31): The news is in real time so you never miss a thing on the day and have a complete overview of all results. Enjoy.

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