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A Massachusetts policeman buys Christmas dinner for women caught while stealing groceries

When Massachusetts Policeman I saw what two women were trying to do theft From Grocery store Five days ago birthdayTheir ordeal touched his heart.

Note “everything was food”.

North Carolina restaurant receives 1 gram tip from ‘HOLIDAY ANGEL’

Instead of arresting them, Buy a $ 250 gift card To pay for Christmas dinner.

Officer Lima died Somerset Police Department He said he responded to a call at the local Stop & Shop and was told that the women had been arrested while skipping the scanner at the self-exit line, and placing several items directly in their bags. The suspected robbers were with two young children.

Lima said, “I have two girls, who are of similar age to the two girls who were there, so it shocked me a little.” NBC Local Area Network’s WJAR.

He was most affected when he learned that the mother of the children did not have it ProfessionAnd the food they were stealing was for the holiday dinner.

“There was nothing else, like health and Beauty Items, shampoo, anything like that. “It was everything. I just tried to put myself into it,” he said the family Shoes and show a little sympathy. “

The women’s store issued a “no-trespass” order.

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Somerset Police Chief George McNeill praised the officer The current situation Which described the incident as “a true testament to Officer Lima’s great personality and decision-making.”

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