Current account, bills of exchange balance by November 2nd: risk of foreclosure

Bad news for many taxpayers with prior debts with tax authorities who risk dealing with a current account closure.

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Covid has, unfortunately, had a negative impact on Balance Many families. In fact, due to the current crisis, many people find themselves suffering from low income. Furthermore, the fear of having to deal with some exacerbates the situation Previous debts with the tax authorities. A situation involving, contrary to what one might think, a large number of people.

The latter in particular risks living a real nightmare because of Reservation of the thing pledged from the current account. But not only that, but also salaries and pensions. The truce granted to those who have not yet paid their tax bills is, in fact, about to expire, with many who will have to set a date November 2.

Current Account at Risk, Foreclosure Spread: Balance Volumes by November 2

Unfortunately, there are many unexpected events that can happen in the course of life. Those who are faced with a series of financial difficulties, may not be able to fulfill the various obligations undertaken, are well aware of this, and thus end up accumulating Debts, for example with the tax authorities. A situation that can therefore lead to having to deal with Reservation of the thing pledged Your checking account, salary, or other property, such as your car.

In this particular context, it is good to remind those who struggle Previous debts with tax authorities Who will have to pay special attention to the date of November 2. On this exact date, in fact, tax collection activity for Covid installment receipts will start again.

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In particular, those who have benefited from the period of suspension of payments, from March 8, 2020 to August 31, 2021, will have to pay At least one of the previous installments. This way they will not fall out of the extension plan and will be able to avoid foreclosure. Remember that the deadline for regulating one’s position is October 31. Since it is a public holiday, and also on November 1, there is a shift to The second day of next month.

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Thus, the risks of booking a checking account are real. It is the last situation that concerns those who have accumulated debts and those who count Tax invoices to be collected. The only solution, as it is easy to guess, is to pay off one’s previous debts, with the Revenue Agency also providing the possibility Pay in installments.

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