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Often the best generation games are the ones that infect players with their own personalities. Jinshin effect Characters definitely aren’t short of you: finding new members for your squad is essential, in fact. Among the many personalities, Lisa was the one that impressed fans the most. right Now, Mesophysics Give us to him Cosplay Lisa: The result is perfect.

Mizuvzcos very faithfully suggests Lisa: Itself He is known for his use of the Electric Element and is one of the first characters a player can get. Like any good witch, Lisa is often pictured with a book in her hand in Genshin Impact. In this cosplay, the Mesophysics did not forget these details.

We’ve seen this in the past many times Disguise Dedicated to this character. For example, Lisa’s cosplay from Himeahri is of high quality. Pepper’s Lisa cosplay was also executed to perfection. Finally, Lisa’s cosplay from Ladalyumos had a huge impact.

When changing genres, you shouldn’t miss a Zelda costume like Sassine – it’s awesome. Cosplay 2B from Shirogane is also pink and gorgeous. Finally, we suggest Himiko Toga cosplay from xxerxes: it’s a perfect replica.

Tell us, what do you think of Cosplay Lisa Who made mezovzkos? Has the Genshin Impact character been recreated in the best way, or do you think you’ve seen quality copies?

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