Degasperi (Civic Wave): pesticides, enforcement rules on loading and cleaning of equipment – health and wellness

Trento – The purpose of the last provisions is to reduce pollution in the deadline caused by washing of agricultural equipment (barrels, sprayers, tractors, attachments) that is carried out in inappropriate places.

Onda civica Filippo Degasperi County Councilor now requests, by suggestion, that the county assume responsibility for funding and verification of interventions necessary to ensure these measures against pollution of land and water.
Degasbury notes that the county regulations, are dated 2017And From the application of national action plans to pesticides (In turn, linked to the European Union Directives).

These are “complementary measures to increase safety levels in the deposit and storage phases of plant protection products and wastes resulting from their use”.

In fact, Degasbury explains, he’s predictable Greater control to ensure the correct use of the prepared areas for preparing the agricultural pharmaceutical mixture (Tank bearing), which is a control intended to “prevent point-like pollution events”.

As for the next stage of the fragmentation of chemical products, the decision is constructively “preferred” Agricultural vehicle washing centers in prepared areas Specially designed to prevent materials from polluting the environment.

Degasbury remembers the contents and deadlines of the respective regulations e Issues are observed on the application interface: “A different deadline has been set for barrel loaders, divided into two categories of hazards: December 31, 2018 for sites within 10 meters of watercourse and December 31, 2021 if they are at a greater distance.

At present, given the now imminent deadline for adapting tank loaders, the adaptation of sprayer management systems is not fully implemented, particularly for washing and discharging sewage and residues. “

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So a representative of Civic Wave He proposes to the council to vote on obliging the military council to “promote and finance.” An investigation in each agricultural municipality has washing centers for sprayers and vehicles in designated and equipped areas to recover the remnants of phytosanitary products.

With regard to the preparation phase, the same proposal obliges the executive authority to verify and encourage the full implementation of the provisions for tanker cranes by the deadline of December 31, 2021, and to inform the relevant council committee of the results of the inspections.

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