A martial arts gymnasium damaged by flooding, the Lions help rebuild the floors

The recent devastating flood caused important and significant damages of thousands and thousands of euros also to the headquarters of the companies based in Forlì that deal with sports activities. In the Romiti region, one of the most damaged structures is the headquarters of the Martial Arts Education Group located at Viale Bologna 86/b. The premises of the gymnasium, usually attended by about a hundred members, mostly young men between the ages of five and seventeen, were invaded by water and all the furnishings were damaged. For example, all the mattress flooring (tatami) used for karate and aikido practice has been damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

To encourage the purchase of new mats, the Lions Club Forlì Host has donated 2,000 euros to the sports club chaired by Sarah Tedaldi and directed by Emanuele Tedaldi. The contribution was delivered in recent days when a delegation from the Forlì Host, led by Giulia Margutti, head of the social year just ended, went to the ruined buildings still used to teach martial arts.

It should be noted that, despite the floods, the students of Asd Gem School did not give up and on Sunday 28 May they took part in the 30th edition of the International Cup Sgonico (Trieste) welcoming applause and affection from their opponents. . On this occasion, the school records excellent results: first place for Angelica Nuzzo, Aurora Valmori, Greta Valmori, Teresa Di Salvo, Sofia Tassi and Matthias Mordente; second place to Simone Maltoni, Anamaria Di Salvo and Antonio Speranza; Third place for Andrea Speranza).

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