Confirmation received from Phil Spencer

During an interview with GQ in light ofCelebrating Xbox’s 20th Anniversary on XboxAnd Phil Spencer It is emphatically clear that The Elder Scrolls 6, just like Starfield, can only be played on Microsoft platforms.

The top representative of the Xbox division of Redmond cites TES 6 and its failure to land on systems other than PC and Xbox Series X/S, considering it appropriate to stress how It’s not about punishing other platformsIt is my firm belief that all other platforms will continue to grow and prosper. But for those coming to Xbox, we want them to be able to access the full package of our experiences, As in the case of The Elder Scrolls 6 And all our other privileges.”.

According to Spencer’s statements, Sheikh Scrolls 6 It can only be used as part of the Xbox Experience Pack mentioned by Microsoft executives, and therefore only on Xbox Game Pass And as part of the Xbox Game Studios exclusive offer accessible to owners of Windows PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Anyway, Spencer’s interview with GQ comes a few hours after the Xbox 20 Years event, so we don’t know if the head of the Xbox division will take advantage of the opportunity to participate. New details about TES 6 Or on the other hand, a big project is under development in Bethesda, He. She “Skyrim in space” Starfield.

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