WhatsApp How to read deleted messages? The trick that few know

Among the many tricks of WhatsApp, there is also the ability to read deleted messages. do you know him? That’s what it is.

The WhatsApp It is among the most popular and used by users. In fact, the messaging app has managed to reach a large portion of the people over time. This allowed her to reach the top of the approval rating in this field. There are several tricks surrounding this application, one of which is allowing you to read deleted messages. That’s what it is.


Every day we interact with certain technologies. Whether it is a PC, tablet or smartphone, there are many applications that we need. Among these are WhatsApp, andMessaging app Which not only allows quick and fast communication but also the exchange of contents. In short, WhatsApp not only works for entertainment but also for business.

The functions of this application are very many. Special function for WhatsApp It can really make your life easier. It not only works within the app but also some little tricks that may be very useful for the users. In this case, tricks that lead to reading deleted messages. So let’s figure out together how to read deleted messages.

WhatsApp How to read deleted messages? These apps may help you

How many times have we entered the chat and seen the message deleted? A situation that brings some confusion to the reader. But those more familiar with apps and technologies know that third-party apps can help. Some may allow you to read deleted messages. The first thing we can mention is media. The app allows you to see deleted messages in Android text line.

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The second that can help us is WhatsRemovedThis, too, can be found on Android. After downloading, you will have to agree to save WhatsApp notifications. This application, in fact, saves all incoming connections. This will allow us to see which messages have been deleted.

But the applications that can help us in this regard do not end there. We find Nova Launcher. After downloading it, we have to go to the settings and in the notification history section we can see the deleted messages. However, with Nova Launcher, you can only retrieve the latest messages in a certain period of time.

However, for iOS systems, we find the app Dr. Fon. This allows you to connect the device to the computer through the recovery function. Once you have completed this step, all you have to do is select the Messages folder and then WhatsApp Attachments. In this section, all content will be received. Not only messages but also photos, videos and more. To see the deleted, go to Recovery and then Reset device.

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