Cerny doesn’t offer award winning platinum games online, the fault is Resistance –

PlayStation Architect Mark Cerny He is a great player and loves to complete the video games that impress him. But he revealed it If there is a game with online prizes, it tends to avoid platinum targeting Since the start of the game. The mistake is resisting the fall of man.

Cerny explained, in an interview with Game Informer, that he was part of the Resistance design team and that he had spent hundreds of hours on the game, thus convincing himself that he was very clever. But after, Once he tried to play D1 online, he was “dominated” by the other players So I decided to put aside the idea of ​​getting platinum in the game and in the future as well.

Cerny said he’s opening 33 Platinums on PlayStation 4 at the moment And that I am now in search of 100% in Cuphead. However, he admits that he is not sure of his ability to do so, even though he has already completed the game once anyway.

Cerny also talked about talentAnother game he helped create. He admitted that Knack’s Platinum wasn’t fun to get because “the time required wasn’t much, but the random nature of some of the elements made the experience brutal. We fixed that in Knack 2.”

So it seems that Cerny is not a great online player and prefers to target Platinum only if all that is needed is offline play. And tell us, Do you do the same? Or are you simply not interested in the awards?

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Resistance to human fall
Resistance to human fall

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