Will Windows 11 be revealed on June 24th? Microsoft is including several clues in press releases –

In recent days, Microsoft announced a new big event which is June 24 at 5 pm in which it will reveal the next big update for Windows 10. At this point, it looks like the update will be so big that it is pushing the Redmond giant to change the name of its operating system to Windows 11. Some people also suggest the idea clues It was published by Microsoft itself these days.

First of all, he is the CEO of Microsoft himself Satya Nadella To say Win 10 was ready to retire. The version with the codename “Sun Valley” would have taken his place, being so rich in news.

For clues, we can start from the conference start time, or 11 Eastern Time, which is not the time Microsoft usually uses.

Presentation image of the invitation to the Microsoft conference on June 24, 2021
Presentation image of the invitation to the Microsoft conference on June 24, 2021

Then take a look at the image above. Do you notice anything strange? Exactly, the light coming from the window is 11. The animated version of this image indicates that Microsoft has intentionally ignored the horizontal line.

Finally, many people from Microsoft have talked about the new update, and they have always expressed themselves very enthusiastically about this update. One of the most important Windows updates of the century, Nadella said, Youssef MahdiVP of Microsoft, said he hasn’t been too excited about a new version of the operating system since Windows 95.

What could be better than changing the number to highlight this new software version?

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