Haunted Space Announced For PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S, and the Italian toy factory will be at Il Cortocircuito –

Yesterday, during the Future Spring Games show, he was Advertise Haunted space, The first Italian games factory game for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. It is a space simulation with horror elements that can be played completely in one player.

Below you can see Tractor Plus screenshots of the first game taken from its Steam page. Before we leave you with all the information about the game, we inform you that Evan Venturi and Luca Michelotti, the game directors of Haunted Space, will be guests today on Il Cortocircuito di The appointment is as always at 15 on the Twitch channel of

To get more details, We read a description of Haunted Space always taken from the game’s Steam page:

HAUNTED SPACE – RAIDERS OF THE SONIC MATTER is a single-player space simulator where science fiction and horror mix in an adventure based on exploration, fighting, trading and upgrading your own ship, with innovative gameplay elements and previously seen alien creatures.
A game set in a faraway place, in the faraway galaxy of Neterun, where the precious Sonic Matter is located. A space formerly dominated by the great Niterian civilization, but now vanished, but still in the form of spirits, whose souls have regrouped as frightening creatures made up of space debris and organic matter.

An amazing optical compartment, if your graphics card supports it, it uses Ray Tracing in astro space in a whole new way.
Sound is immersive and binaural, with peak points identified by pressure or moving music.
Death is “almost permanent”. In fact, sometimes, you can decide to take on a particular mission on your own by filling your ship’s hold with explosives and making yourself detonate inside your target, and then restoring the “backup” of your soul to the space station where you previously docked.

10 systems and lots of missions each, where you can freely decide what to do and what will be your destiny as the predator of Sonic Matter.
Thanks to Co-Pilot, you can choose how much control you have over the spaceship: total, for a complete simulation in all its parts, even simplified, for a more immediate gameplay in which AI accompanies us throughout the various stages of the game. Even making it fully accessible to the disabled and blind, supports Eye Gaze and AudioGame technologies.

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