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01:53 Teams finish warming up, we’re almost done.

01:50 Curious to see if our coach will make the minimum turnover, maybe it won’t because we need to find the rhythm of the game which is still a bit missing, maybe some changes can get to the center, while it would be interesting To see who would win the ballot between Sella and Pietrini, with the possibility of a respite for Bosetti.

01:47 It’s pointless to go around him, tonight’s rival is widely within our grasp, no fouls to be considered, in fact it would be crucial to finish the group in the top two to avoid Serbia and Brazil from the quarter-finals.

01:44 Right now the situation in our group sees that we are right behind the United States, although the points are the same as the national team, Larson and his teammates have a better group quotient than our group quotient and are momentarily ahead of us. Behind them are Turkey and Russia with 3 points, while Argentina and above all China, the big favorites for gold on the eve of the match, are still at zero.

01:41 The Blues have done well in their first two games: 3-0 for Russia and 3-1 against a fearsome Turkey led by Gideti, and the goal is to score a third seal this evening.

01:38 We are already on the third date for the national team of Davide Mazanti, who continues his journey towards this dream called the Olympic medal!

01:35 Good evening and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Argentina, the match valid for the third day of the women’s volleyball tournament at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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OA Sport friends, good afternoon and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Argentina, match valid for the third day of the women’s volleyball tournament at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Italy at Mazzanti continues its journey with a fixed goal in mind, that Olympic medal that has always been missing in the history of the sport. Scylla and her co-stars had a very positive start as they beat Russia 3-0 and 3-1 against a fearsome Turkey led by Giovanni Gedetti.

At the moment we are in second place in our group, on par with the United States in the number of points, but they are ahead of us thanks to the set result, while Argentina, our opponent this evening, is in last place with two heavy defeats. Italy have done well so far, although Egonu is not yet at 100% and a game that can only improve, the impressions have been more than positive. A possible win tonight would mean almost a certain quarter-final, before the last two very difficult matches against China and the US, the important thing is to keep the tension, and the most important thing is not to lose points on the way to closing the group. at the highest possible level.

OA Sport brings you live broadcasts from Italy and Argentina, match valid for the third day of the women’s volleyball tournament in Tokyo 2020 Olympics, real-time news, minute by minute, point by point, so you don’t really miss anything, the match will start at 02:00!

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