Tension in the United States after Wright was killed, sport stopped again

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There is great tension in these hours in the United States, where the Don Wright case has sparked controversy. American sport has ceased.

Very tense climate, what you breathe in these hours United States of America. It is all related to killing Donut Wright, A 20-year-old African American was fatally wounded after a fight with police after a stop on the road. Just like in the case of George FloydIt was the photos of the episode that caused controversy, once again, it found its biggest outlet on the street.

Everything happened again a MinneapolisThere, where Floyd’s death a few months ago sparked an explosion of the African American community, it was immediately followed by all the American people tired of the racial hatred that still rages today.

And again, just like with Floyd, again in middle Storm There is ultimately a proxy policeThe protagonist of the truth. In short, the United States is in turmoil again, and even sport has been hit by the anti-racism shock wave.

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Protestant Manhattan
Proteste a Manhattan per Daunte Wright (GettyImages)

USA, sport stops after Wright case

For now, protests are again taking off in the streets, not just in the wilaya Minnesota. It is for this very reason that American sport also wanted to give a clear indication of the entire country.

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In fact, many sporting events have been postponed in a short time. over there Ml Football was the first, with the match between the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox interrupted. ThenforebodeThat halted the match between Minnesota Timber Wolves and the Brooklyn Nets. And it is still there NHL, With the Minnesota Wild game postponed.

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In short, American sports have decided once again to listen to the angry cry of the people, who are tired of seeing even today unjustified racial hatred creeping through the streets. By the way, these days Process For the death of George Floyd himself.

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