BLUE LUNA arrives and will also be visible in Italy. We tell you when and why it is called »

ASTRONOMY: BLUE MOON arrives and will also be visible in Italy. We tell you when and why it’s called

The blue moon is coming, on Sunday 22 August it will be visible almost all over ItalySunday 22 August Come “blue moonIt will also be fully visible in Italy. In fact, the full moon will occur at Raw 14.02.2018, but it is clear to her Maximum visibility will happen it will beOnce the sun goes down, that definitely helps temperate weather conditions (An anticyclone is expected in almost all of Italy, with the exception of some Alpine regions.)

It’s not a rare event, since then It happens every 2-5 years That several full moons occur within a few months.

Newspaper Republic, in its online version, Explain why it is called that: Anyone who thinks of seeing a satellite completely blue will be disappointed, because in these terms Does not mean color change, but only Definition of the third summer full moon.

Therefore, unlikeRed Moon‘, who is actually redder than usual, this wonderful Sunday evening will simply be Third full moon in 2021 The next day will be August 31, 2023.

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