Microsoft will purchase Techland, author of Dying Light, for inside info –

You will purchase Microsoft Techland, Author of Dying Light, for adding to Xbox Game Studios, works on Xbox One and Xbox Series X games | S. This is what a famous person says From the inside. I Rumor In this regard, they started already in late 2019: Microsoft was rumored to be looking for a Polish team, and at the beginning of 2020, the development difficulties of Dying Light 2 suggested that it could have been Techland. The company denied such rumors and said it would remain independent.

Of course, now everything could have changed and Microsoft has shown that it has no problem spending big bucks on new studios, as evidenced by the acquisition of Bethesda for $ 7 billion. This new leak is coming, specifically, from YouTubers and Insider Jeremy Banter, Also known as ACG, who said Microsoft plans to get a big deal by buying a team in 2021. He didn’t elaborate more, but Nick Baker, known on Twitter as Often edPanter said he was talking about Techland.

We have to point out that not all of Baker’s “predictions” were correct in the past, but he has shared accurate information about Perfect Dark, Embracer Group’s purchase of Gearbox and other events in recent months. While we do remember it is still just a rumor Not official informationNevertheless, one must take into account the idea that Baker had “guessed” once more.

Concerning Death light 2Even assuming Microsoft acquired Techland before its release, It almost certainly will still be a title across platforms, Since until now, Redmond has always allowed purchasing teams to complete their projects and publish their already advertised games on all platforms.

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Finally, we point out that Microsoft will discuss artificial intelligence and video games at a specific conference.

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