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Redvale may be in phase betaAccording to a leak that appeared on YouTube, it appears to suggest a few seconds of Playwith a screenshot that clearly shows how the new Arkane game is in beta.

The leak was posted by the GameTropics YouTube channel and we don’t know how it got there, but it could be original. Moreover, it’s a few seconds of gameplay video (from the 7:08 min of the video above) so low quality, by definition and fluidity, that it’s practically nothing more than a handful of game frames in which something can be noticed.

In particular, the initial screen from which it all begins clearly indicates that Redfall is in beta, which could confirm the release scheduled for this summer, given that the title may be complete and in the stage of public testing and debugging. It is clear that it is not easy to prove the authenticity of the source material, so everything remains just a rumor.

In the few seconds of the video, we can see an action similar to the one First person shooteralthough this is only one element of the expected features of the new Arkane title, which presents itself as co-op multiplayer with shooter and survival elements, set in a wide open area with vampires as the main enemies.

There have been various rumors recently that Redfall could be delayed, with some details such as the October release, duration, and other information emerging, but so far there hasn’t been anything official from Bethesda, for this title. Gearing up to be a PC and Xbox exclusive, it apparently launched on Xbox Game Pass on day one, being a first-party title.

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