In Arborea the first professional match of the Romanian boxer, the lumberjack who lives in the Oristano region


Soren Claudio Lakatos will attend Sunday Night Boxing

Great boxing is back in Arborea: On Sunday, July 17, at Horse Country Resort & Congress, the sixth edition of Sunday Night of Boxing will take place from 7 p.m., the tournament that has now become a staple of island boxing, which is always organized as always. In the gym, Oristano Corner and technician Marcelo Lowe.

The evening this year will be divided into two parts: the first is dedicated to amateur boxing, with ten matches between the best boxers of the island, while in the second part a space for professional boxing, with the first appearance of the bare-breasted Sardinian boxer. Corner: Boxe Gym, Soren Claudio Lakatos, opposed to Britain’s Charles Michael Aristide, 35, in a lightweight regular (67kg, middle class) bout.

From the forest to the ring. All eyes on Sunday turn to Soren Claudio Lakatos who, at the age of 34, is trying to jump to the pros, in a six-round match, after playing a good amateur career, which saw him win the regional title twice. And they always show up well on island episodes. He arrived in Riola in 2006 from a small town not far from Timisoara (eastern region of Romania) to join his father and uncle, like them and many other compatriots, and worked as a shepherd for a year.

Then he started working on the Cabras sawmill. Until meeting his boss’s nephew who attended a boxing gym. “I wanted to have a match and then I don’t know anything else,” said Claudio, as everyone in Sardinia knows him. “I started with training, three times a week, and in 2015 I had my first match and won.” But it did not stop, quite the contrary. “I love boxing more and more. It helps me unload myself, and it has allowed me to reach a balance.” Doing sports and exercising in the evening, but getting up at six in the morning and at work chopping wood. Lakatos admitted, “The gym is like a job, I don’t see it as an obligation. When I arrive, I warm up, put on gloves, and feel like another, relaxed, full of energy, free.” The only regret is that he arrived late. “Through sports, I made many friends, and I am sorry for the time lost earlier,” the boxer concluded, “I could have had many experiences.”

Soren Claudio Lakatos and Marcelo Loi

Soren Claudio Lakatos and Marcelo Loi

artistic. Lakatos coach, Marcelo Loi, said: “His passion for boxing was born in Sardinia. I remember when he came to the gym for the first time and told me that he wanted a boxing match. From there his adventure and our painful adventure began. Claudio trains every day, he is the first to arrive and often the last to leave “. Lakatos’ career started late: “Starting boxing at twenty-seven is not for everyone, the greatest boxers start at a very young age, since adolescence. However, the real advantage of Claudio is the determination and perseverance with which he decided to take up this challenge. Adventure not only in sports, but in The life that gave the opportunity to a young immigrant who arrived in Sardinia at the age of nineteen to enter our society and conquer a space in society where sport is the passport through which many doors can be crossed.”

For Marcello Loi and Corner Gym Boxe, Sunday is an evening not to be missed for boxing fans and more. The Corner currently has about seventy athletes, including both girls and boys: “We have boxers of all ages,” Loi said, “from 12 to 60, it really is a passion that has no age limits.”

matches. Thirteen meetings are scheduled for Sunday, starting at 19, divided by age and category. The highlight, at 10pm, is when Lakatos and Aristide enter the ring.

Here is the match schedule:

Dating Aob

Junior 56 kg
* Filippo Minniti (boxing team Irito) vs. Ricardo Zuca (ballistic)

Junior 63 kg
* Cesar Nardi (Asd Corner Gym Boxe) vs Francesco Porcu (Asd King George)

56 kg guys
* Luca Roggio (Boxe vs. Davide Mei (Asd Vittoria Boxe)

63 kg youth
* Marco Atzuri (Asd Corner Gym Boxe) vs. Antonello Bello (Boxing Team Erittu)

Young kg 67
* Francesco Spano (Asd Boxe Folgore) vs Julio Maras (Boxing Club Sassari)

86 kg youth
* Pietro Cattaneo (boxing team Malodrotto) vs Pietro Sana (Northwest Academy)

Elite 54 . kg
* Manuel Jarro (Asd Boxe Folgore) vs. Alessio Sanna (Boxing Club Cagliari)

Elite 57 kg
* Paulo Cameda (Asd Corner Gym Boxe) vs. Alessio Budroni (Asd Pugilistica Sassari)

Elite kg 60
* Alexandro Cioca (Dipento Boxing Club) – Nicolas Maras (Cagliari Boxing Club).

Elite 63 . kg
* Federico Cerci (Asd Guilcier Boxe) vs Giuliano Caddo (Boxing team Maludrotto)

Elite 67 kg
* Ignacio Meles (Ballistic Lion) vs Simo Josipovic (Boxe Cappai)

80 kg Elite
* Amir Porco (Cagliari Boxing Club) vs Francesco Cerelli (Boxe Cappai)

Pro match, welterweight, 6 rounds of 3 minutes
* Soren Claudio Lakatos (Romania / Asd Corner Gym Boxe) – Charles Aristide (UK)

Wednesday 13 July 2022

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