“Serbia’s exit from the Olympic Games is a disgrace. We played m****…” – OA Sport

Doesn’t say words Nemanja Bielica To determine the performance of Serbia, which was defeated by Italy in a clear way in the pre-Olympic final in Belgrade. The Miami Heat star didn’t play a good game: 5 points in 22 minutes, and more generally a lot of difficulty in many aspects of the game.

But his words to the press seem like fire to many: “It’s a shame how we lost this match. We played m****. This is not the fault of the device, but the fault of the players. Playing for the national team is something different, it’s no joke. If you don’t give 100% you can’t win. The best team won, congratulations to Italy. I apologize to the fans, we have to learn from this defeat. If Teodosic has to press the board throughout the match, something is wrong“.

He is in some ways an environmental coach Igor Kokoskov: “The best team won. Coaching the national team is a passion and for us it’s a bad defeat. We’re not going to Tokyo, we haven’t played well throughout the tournament. We have many problems, But we weren’t good at making up for them and playing as a team. Names don’t win games, you have to play them together. We did not deserve to qualify“.

Serbia, having missed a fantastic opportunity at the 2019 World Cup in China with the United States in a highly modified version, must say goodbye to the possibility of defending the silver medal they won at Rio 2016.

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