A wonderful plant that responds to the vibrations that surround it

In nature there is a wonderful plant of extraordinary beauty that responds to the vibrations that surround it. Known as psychological mimosa or pudic, it is usually used to decorate home interiors with its soft, round, pom-pom-shaped colorful flowers.

The unusual reaction of the leaves that roll back every time to be touched, and gently folded, makes this plant real The jewel furnishing.


A wonderful plant that responds to the vibrations that surround it

Whenever a delicate leaf is touched, it has an unusual reaction. All the leaf needles come together to form long spaghetti that folds down, touching other leaves that have the same reaction.

This type of reaction is only temporary and after a few minutes the leaves return to their place. Mimosa pudica is very sensitive and touching the leaves multiple times can destabilize the plant by weakening it.

It can reach a maximum height of 50 cm and its sensitivity is not really suitable for outside winds and temperature changes. This makes it ideal for growing in pots indoors.

The plant is very similar to mimosa (it is part of Musasia), With a highly branched stem covered with small, thin leaves in the form of delicate soft needles. With the arrival of spring, the plant blooms with clusters of flowers in the form of pink or purple pompons.

Why is the plant called delicate or unpretentious?

The name is not entirely coincidental. The plant’s reaction to leaf brushing, which is both retracting and withdrawn, explains why it is “delicate and unassuming.”

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The characteristic shrinkage of leaves at the slightest tactile stimulus is the optimal defense against predators apparently tricked by a dead plant.

Moreover, this amazing feature is used in extreme heat hours to reduce fluid loss and protect themselves from the wind.

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