A simple exercise that you can do comfortably at home is enough to prevent back pain

Of all the pains you can get, for sure, those in the back are the most common. Of course, the first reason is the sedentary lifestyle. Spending hours in the office to work or study has negative effects on our bodies. Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time in our routines.

In addition, even a slight exertion can cause back pain. Let’s think about when we’re carrying slightly heavy loads, like shopping bags or earthen pots. Here it doesn’t take much to get stuck. Few people know that doing simple exercises comfortably at home is enough to prevent back pain

Where we need to work

Certainly, we see that those with better physique suffer less from these diseases. Of course, age has an effect, too. But let’s focus on the first point.

What we need to do is strengthen the muscles involved in straining the back. There is a lot more, but today we will focus on the lower back. Often, these muscles are affected by the usual pain and discomfort. Often times, these cramps can resolve themselves through the exercises we’ve seen in them This article.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Let’s see, then, what we can do.

A simple exercise that you can do comfortably at home is enough to prevent back pain

By doing these movements we will strengthen the muscles of the lower back. What we need is just a rug to stand on. Let’s lie on the floor, on our stomachs. The arms are extended forward, the head is extended as well as the legs.

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From this position, lying on the floor, we must make a slight movement. We pull the arms, legs and torso, keeping the little kiss on the earth. Without trying too hard at first. We stay like this for 3 seconds and come back to the floor.

Repeat the movement about ten times, then stop for a minute. This exercise allows us to train the muscles of the lower back. We will make them stronger and less prone to pain.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings of this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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