Schillacci: “We’re going to de-isolate for Covid, it’s pretty much unenforced” – Healthcare

“Now I think we’ll remove it, but really I think it’s pretty much unenforced.” The Minister of Health said so Horace Schillaci, On the sidelines of the National Assembly of Farmindustria, in connection with the end of the still-expected 5-day isolation for Covid-19 positives.

“In a letter sent to the Ministers of Tourism, Daniela Santanchi, and the Minister of Health, Orazio Schellaci, we have asked for the removal of the restrictions inherited from the pandemic that are still in force: we are talking about five days of isolation, plus ten of the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask, at the expense of those who have tested positive. infected with a Covid swab”, Gabriele Milani, National Director of the Confcommercio Organized Tourism Confederation, announced two days ago.

“This is a measure that, in the most difficult phase of the virus, had important consequences in terms of public health defense – Melanie continues – but today it is no longer justified. It is, in fact, almost completely rejected. On the other hand, these restrictions were expected when the health situation was very different from what it is today. It is no coincidence that other EU countries already lifted isolation and quarantine last year, and most recently France on February 1st. It goes without saying that the World Health Organization categorically declared the lockdown of the health emergency on May 5, and as far as we know, Italy is the only country that has maintained the obligation of isolation for Covid-positives.

The Director of the Federation argues again, addressing Ministers Santanche and Schillaci: “It is a commitment that is a critical issue for our companies. In fact, the tourism law governs withdrawal from the tour package contract: the rules state that a sick or injured traveler can withdraw at any time, but must pay the organizer the withdrawal costs referred to in the agreement. There are travelers who request to withdraw without fines in the event of a Covid positive and without any policy requirement to cover the same cancellation fines, thus the package organizer offloads any costs applied by the suppliers in the event that the customer abandons the leave due to the fault of the virus and the consequent obligation to isolate.”

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“Criticalities and difficulties are also communicated to us by agencies and accommodation facilities, which have to manage positive cases from foreign clients on holiday in Italy, and there is no doubt that the obligation to isolate is still in force here. For this reason – and Melanie concludes – certain provisions must be made Removing them as quickly as they were introduced: we consider it necessary to align Italian legislation with the rest of the European Union and with the current health context, also bearing in mind that the European Green Corridor regulations expired on July 1 and operable digital certificates can no longer be issued Mutual vaccination, testing and recovery.”

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