Laurel, all the beneficial properties for health

Crowns and wreaths Laurel To celebrate poets and leaders as the highest expression of knowledge, wisdom, and glory: This plant is proud of one Ancient History. Already in the time of the Greeks and Romans, it was used in honor and as a sign of peace, but also in dishes and cooking. A role that has remained unchanged over the centuries, but it has also evolved in the medical and divine fields Natural remedies.

Even today they are made of laurel Crown And crowns are awarded to recent graduates, but the role of this plant is really multifaceted. It is used as a support for well-being and The greetingThanks to its incomparable properties to improve digestion and respiration, but also as a central component of the singular ritual. Tradition says that hiding some papers under the pillow brings dreams an important meaning as a gift.

Laurel Between Myths and the Kitchen

Few people know that laurel is real Factory They can also reach great heights, but continuous pruning may turn into a shrub evergreen. The wood and leaves give off an interesting and exciting scent, which is a hallmark of this plant spread along the Mediterranean Sea where it often grows spontaneously. stable, resistance, Especially rustic, can adapt to any soil and cultivation.

Known as Laurus Nobilis Laurel has always found a place in both of them a kitchen This is in the field of natural remedies, but many myths and rituals are associated with it. Not only the classic crown as a symbol of glory, victory and wisdom, but also legendary stories because the laurel is the form of the plant that the nymph took Daphne To keep God at a distance Apollo. To interrupt the interest and charm towards it, but Apollo preferred not to forget it and decided to turn the laurel into an evergreen plant and plant it in his garden in order to be able to admire its beauty. By giving its leaves the task of turning them into festive wreaths.

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It still maintains a ritual role today. In fact, having a branch in the house guarantees the protection of the sun god, but also flourish And luxury. According to popular myths, laurel will not be subject to the work of the gods LightningFor this reason, planting it near the home can protect it from the influence. Rather, laurel is better known in the culinary field, as its presence does not go unnoticed, which guarantees flavor and flavor. Perfume Unmistakable and strong touch.

Laurel and its properties and benefits

With colored papers dark green With an oval design with a wavy edge, laurel has a resistant structure but also a strong scent. It finds space in the kitchen but also a natural remedy for well-being Nervous systemAs a support against rheumatism and sprains, it also facilitates digestion And respiratory system. a Infusion Laurel, with peeled lemon and adding a little honey, is ideal for stomach health. a Hot herbal tea From laurel and water helps with night sweating and purity Toxins, especially when taken before lying down. An ideal solution for preventing infections and colds, the same kind of benefits can be obtained from dried, crushed berries and herbs purchased. It guarantees luxury againstflu And stomach problems.

It contains both leaves and berries Essential oil, In different proportions, as there are a series of elements with antiseptic properties e Antioxidants Such as geraniol, cineol, eugenol, terpineol, phellandrene, eucalyptol, and pinene. A beneficial presence for the stomach as it stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion, Calm burns And reduce intestinal gas. The leaves are also rich in minerals and vitamins C and B, which are a miracle medicine for lung health, especially in the presence of infections and cough.

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It can be obtained from fresh berriesLauren oil An ideal remedy to soothe the discomfort caused by rheumatism, arthritis and severe muscle pain. It does not exist contraindications But it can promote contact dermatitis in people who show a specific allergy.

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