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#YesWeCat, Downing Street’s cat candidate for UK Prime Minister

Now decide: Les Trussthe new leader of the British Conservative Party, will take office leading To resigning Boris Johnson. But these days there was a fierce opponent who wanted to “blow up” the place. its name LarryIt is the official cat of the British Prime Minister’s house. London was carpeted with posters depicting him with an intense gaze and bow tie Instead of a collar, strictly in the colors of the English flag, the Union Jack.

In order to “propose” the cat as prime minister, it was the advertising agency Don’t Panic, which launched a “Larry4Leader” campaign complete with a website and an election poster, or meow festo It was also renamed. As I mentioned before guardianOne of the slogans that distinguished the cat crowd was “the dream came true” or “the dream came true”.

Larry lived in the apartment on the 10th for over 10 years Downing Street. Adopted when he was four, he closely accompanied the political life of three premieres – David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson – while simultaneously becoming a web star. Now, in support of his “candidacy,” the hashtag #YesWeCat has appeared on social media, a beautiful reinterpretation of former US President Barack Obama’s slogan “Yes we can.”

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