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Forspock. A term that is no longer used, and it can basically be translated in two ways: magic (intended to cast a spell on someone) or forbidding. Both concepts seem to adapt very well to the new fantasy adventure by Square Enix, known until a few days ago as Project Athia. Suddenly during the digital event Square Enix Advance, The game that was remembered by many but began to fade into memory in the face of more realistic or memorable titles – like Final Fantasy XVI or Elden Ring – reopened a presentation that was thought to be closed with promising Life is Strange: True Colors. In fact, for the first ten seconds it was thought to be another Final Fantasy XIV bonus content, at least until all doubts about it have dissipated: to guide us in separate places in the game, British actress Ella Palenska, who only explains The protagonist, Frey.

A foreigner in a foreign land

Besides the visual effect, which was already at the time of the first announcement during the PS5 presentation, we love how the developers have managed to convey what it could be in one word. The two main points From Forspoken: Quite obviously, if the statement that he’s in a world he’s not a part of wasn’t enough, then Frey is a person today – if we mean the present or hypothetical future he’s not known but she’s a modern girl anyway. Something, a spell that we say, must have brought it there, in a land that is as wonderful as it is dangerous; A forbidden place he should not be in but he must adapt to if he hopes to survive and return home. All the concepts contained in one word, as old as this scientist that Fry would be forced to bow to with force and cunning.

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related Setup and play, Forspoken is an open world action adventure with a strong focus on history, which according to the developers will bring beauty and awe together. We know very little about the mysterious world that Frey will have to move around but there seems to be a special focus on nature on the possibility of exploiting and fighting elements, in the fighting stages and the platform that should characterize the game. Our young heroine, after an understandable dissatisfaction with finding herself catapulted into another reality and crossing the road with the “dreaded dragon”, accepts her condition and actually conforms to her surroundings proving that she is completely resilient and combative.

Forspoken: Frey summons giant roots from the ground to get rid of some enemies

In fact, he is seen to travel great distances in one jump and act quickly, as if he has unlocked latent abilities that can only be expressed in this world. Beyond the cloak, which enables us to see anything changing in her clothes or accessories (such as the right-hand band) and this reinforces the belief that, if Fry really had Hidden potentialThese have an echo in the world they are in and do not seem to be caused by some external factor. The same offensive phases see them play with the elements, as it is already written, without relying for the time being on anything other than themselves: between the “common” enemies, or at least the smaller ones, and the undoubtedly towering others like an eye raised by some kind of tree trunk or movie dragon. Editorial, there is also the possibility that we will go face some boss fights.

The only concern at this moment open world By itself: As usual, when it comes to presenting limitless environments, the main problem remains how to make them attractive and interesting without falling into an unfortunately empty world as in Final Fantasy XV, or the nausea of ​​a complete but uninteresting advertisement as happened in the last chapters of Assassin’s Creed. In its madness, the trailer showed an area that seems human, or in any case a potential civilization, has been banished in favor of nature returning to take what it deserves: there is no shortage of arid, rocky and even greenery. Luxurious that seems to us a little excessive – but beyond the occasional enemies there is nothing else. Since this is a small glimpse of Forspoken, it is too early to be anxious and we’d rather be confident what is ultimately Luminous Studio’s first real venture since its inception in 2018.

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Forspoken: Frey's knockout abilities undoubtedly have something magical about her
Forspoken: Frey’s knockout abilities undoubtedly have something magical about her

From the point of view Date, The development team didn’t loosen the buttons often. Nevertheless, the few words spent on Frey are interesting, described as a very real, straightforward and unfiltered character (although the adjective “raw” may also indicate her inexperience, we’ll only find out in full play): he’s lost His path is not only literally but also figuratively speaking, someone with whom it can be easy to call. Who knows what this mystery is Travel You don’t need it to find yourself. We know for sure that the narration will mainly revolve around her and experience her in the world where she gets flung, a fact that doesn’t seem to scare her very much. “You will rise,” one of the game mottos, also indicates a possible path of Frey’s growth and maturity, which could change on a personal level exactly from this physical disorientation. Defined as quirky, stormy and hostile, Forspoken is an experience in which facts are questioned and loyalties will be questioned – claims that suggest some form of civilization exists, even if only in the past, such as that it attests to accidental ruins appearing during the trailer.

It is difficult to make predictions with this little information at hand. Since there is a disembodied male character, whose voice is only heard, there is a possibility that Fry is in some simulation where she was stuck and which she has to get out of if she wants to save her life. The hypotheses are truly endless but we once again want to be confident in the writing: in the end, the narration is guided by Gary Weta, Who helped write Prey – to name a few. Overall, Forspoken is an interesting game in many ways, it wasn’t expected to see it and above all it didn’t have any leaks whatsoever to anticipate: a real surprise, if only for this reason, we can be satisfied.

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Forspoken cover

Forspoken is an exciting, surprising, open world adventure game that seems to have a lot to tell about itself and the team in its development – so far it only participates in the Stadia version of Final Fantasy XV. The introductions are interesting, above all because they may be an advocate of next-generation potential, but we still know very little for our imbalance: the idea that a modern day girl is drawn to a wild world that is something she must be reliable in order to survive. It has a reason, but everything needs to be tested over time, when we will learn more to understand where developers want to go. In a context where leaks are the masters, the fact that nothing is known is itself an added value and hopefully will come as a surprise in the future as it does now.

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