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HBO Max, one of the most popular broadcasters in the US, has announced big changes! Here’s what to expect!

HBO Max It is now one of the most popular and profitable live streaming services in the world. Powered by Warner Bros., the premium entertainment content platform prides itself on distributing several hit titles such as The White Lotus, The House of the Dragon or The Last of Us And many other things. However, some new features are on the way: in fact, a new service is planned, which will take the name Max, in which it will be possible to enjoy HBO Max and Discovery + titles on a common platform. Pending confirmation from Warner Bros., the leaked news talks about a service offering three payment plans.

There will be an ad content plan at $10, an ad-free plan at $16, and the addition of a third plan with quality content at $20. Moreover, Max will offer customers massive content from titles, including those related to lifestyle, typical Discover +. Excitedly, the new CEO, David Zaslav, commented on the project, announcing that “Get excited to combine all of Discovery and HBO Max content into one enhanced platform“.

Will HBO Max also arrive in Italy?

The new HBO Max project

HBO Max recently hit the 61 mark, and just this month it reached fifteen more European countries. However, in Italy, there is no trace of him yet, why? As in some other European countries, HBO has signed distribution agreements with Sky, which broadcasts all content of the platform through now. So it is certain that we will not see directly HBO extension In our country at least until 2025, the expiration date of the agreement.

However, we hope that with a view to expansion, new CEO David Zaslav will bring it just beyond 2025 HBO Max Also in Italy to see the continuation of the contents we like the most and all the projects that the platform announces, such as way downthe new series helmed by Sarah Paulson E penguin!

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