There’s a free PlayStation Plus game that fans “hate”.

Sony recently revealed 15 free video games to add to its catalog PlayStation Plus add-ons and premiums In July 2023 with very bright names. Apparently, though, there is one game that just doesn’t seem to go over well with some users.

PS Plus Extra subscribers get access to an extensive catalog of games Unreleased gamesas well as PS Plus Premium subscribers (look for personalized gift cards on Amazon).

In July the dish is particularly rich, with some extras in weight which are certainly very welcome.

As I also mentioned before The gaming bibleHowever, there is a title that gamers will find indigestible: We’re Talking About It Dynasty Warriors 9.

“I question the judgment of anyone who gives Dynasty Warriors 9 anything above a 3/10”user wrote reddit.

“I’ve never been bored in my life. It’s the equivalent of doing taxes or sitting in church. And I say this as the target audience for this kind of game ».

Dynasty Warriors 9 It is an open world hacking adventure, which has a critic rating of 65 in Metacritic and an 8.4 user score.

but Dynasty Warriors 9 Is it really that bad? “DW9 is one of the worst Musou games ever”another Reddit user commented. “It’s better than the All-Stars, but outside of that…it sucks.”.

While many seem to agree Dynasty Warriors 9 Be the worst of the series, come on SpazioGames We have already told you whether it is better to try it or stay away from it.

However, there is also a game that was not appreciated when it launched but is now considered a “masterpiece” after it landed on PS Plus.

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