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Lance MacDonald, now famous and data designer on Bloodborne and other alike spirits, discovers The huge Colosseum that hidden inside elden ringis not currently accessible but could become so later, indicating a place for PvP fights between players.

As the video on this page demonstrates, Lance MacDonald Discover some parts of the game setup with glitch and free camera movement, thus he will explore some of the scenario elements that are temporarily inaccessible to his character during a standard game.

So it seems that the hidden passage leads to a wide corridor Arena Semicircular, it seems to be a place designated for bloody clashes.

The bicycle has large tiers topped with tall architectural structures, while in the lower part, in the center, a kind of circuit can be clearly seen that can be accessed through different entrances protected by movable nets.

The structure looks like a kind of Colosseum, or in any case a battlefield. It is not currently used as an active element in the scenario but the assets are well arranged and polished, indicating a possible later application within the game.

Due to the characteristics of this setting, the idea is that it may involve one-on-one clashes between players, possibly with the introduction of Competitive multiplayer mode PvP which is currently only assumed by McDonald’s but has no official notes from FromSoftware, pending any information.

Right now we’ve seen how Elden Ring is the UK’s best-selling new IP since Destiny and it’s ranked sixth all-time in a Steam game, all pointing to potential post-game support.

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