Lease Bonus 2022, who can apply? Here are the new beneficiaries

2022 Rental Bonus, Who Is Eligible? Important changes have been made to the decree: here are the new people who can order it.

2022 rent bonus, who are the beneficiaries of it? After the epidemiological emergency, the application has been extended and subjects have the right to apply for it.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has made it imperative to meet those who have suffered great economic damage, there are many of them Bonuses paid to help workers. We are not only talking about businesses and corporations but also about citizens who were not able to work regularly.

The bounty was born in response to Negative economic effects Due to containment measures, the virus was introduced The so-called “revival decree”. The facility, however, has been revived in “Sostegni Ter Edict” Which decided to extend the scope of work of the above-mentioned rental bonus.

The change affects some business owners and a certain category of state workers. Both of them will be able to ask for a very large support for what they spent on the payment Rent in 2022.

2022 Rental Bonus: New categories of workers can apply for it

The novelty in the decree relates to a particular class, namely the class of teachers, and the facilities for tenants also combine another important issue. Let’s talk about the regions in Italy At risk of population migrationespecially in remote areas.

The government has also introduced a rent bonus for unstable teachers who choose to relocate to these areas for business reasons. For school teachers, of all levels and levels, there will be a rent discount equal to the maximum 2500 euros or 60% of the rents Pay. The home in question must be rented under a registered contract that says “Residential Use for Service Purposes”. The rental bonus will be paid out in the form of an annual tax credit, so it should be tax-exempt.

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Grandma also relates Some business owners Who can request the reward in different ways. They will be able to take advantage of the rental discount for the agreed months, January, February and March 2022 as well Italian swimming pool managers. Obviously, this includes those who experienced a drop in their sales of at least 50% compared to the same months in 2019.

Like other business managers, swimming pool owners must file a self-certification with the Revenue Agency Certifies the possession of the necessary requirements. As defined, the tax credit is equal to 60% of the monthly amount of rent, lease or lien of real estate for non-residential use but intended for commercial, industrial, craft, agricultural, tourism, or all the usual practices of a self-employed person.

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