Which ones do you order with a low ISEE?

Many bonuses and perks use ISEE as a key indicator, representing the economic and financial position of the family unit two years ago. In the event of a low ISEE, what are the most appropriate rewards to reach?

For years now, the ISEE has been used as a key indicator to determine who is entitled to Rewards and perksbut also to get for example on Collage scholarship. Obviously, the lower the value of the ISEE, the higher the probability of accessing privileges.

For 2022, what facilitates a low ISEE presence?

ISEE LOW: Easier to access invoice reward


Certainly the biggest fear for Italian families and businesses in the first quarter of 2022 is Dear Bills. Inflation and the outbreak of conflict between Russia and Ukraine led to Gas and energy cost Exorbitantly priced, increasing gas bills by 95% and 135% for energy.

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In an effort to amortize these costs, the government has put in place Bonus billswhich is divided into additional gas and Plus the electric bill. The latter is calculated using the number of family members, which ranges from 125 euros to 173 euros for the largest number of cores.

The gas bonus Instead it is evaluated taking into account the geographical and climatic region to which it belongs. A lower ISEE will facilitate access to these types of rewards.

Citizenship Income: What ISEE Limit Should Be Considered?

basic income

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ISEE is also used to determine whether you qualify or not Citizen’s incometo. In fact, access to the main welfare option of the Italian legal system is granted not only to those without a job, but also to those who respect a certain threshold of the ISEE.

In detail, only those who have ISEE less than 9360€ per year. This is just one of the capital requirements you must have, but being below the minimum is already an excellent starting point for getting an income.

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