Superbonus 110%, no funds available: 33.7 billion reserved from 33.3 allocated

Super Rewards and Limited Chests, Contrast Hypothesis

There is a forest of rewards They should be scanned and evaluated which ones are really useful and which ones are not. . words Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti. The belief that rewards are exaggerated has reached the government. especially after Enea data on Superbonus in May: At the end of last month, jobs accepted into the franchise were booked for 33.7 billion against the 33.3 billion allocated. The bonuses have played a noteworthy role, but they deserve justification, precisely because I certainly can’t think of raising taxes to fund them. The dilemma facing the CEO, who on the one hand wants to continue to support families and businesses, and on the other hand has less and less room to do so. Economy Minister Daniele Franco does not want to resort to the new budget differences, this is the impotence. Therefore, either in Europe new mechanisms of joint support for recovery will be invented, similar to the Recovery Fund or the Assurance Fund, or there will only be an increase in taxes, a hypothesis that everyone excludes.

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