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The employee fuel bonus consists of €200 vouchers that employers can voluntarily give to their employees to support them with fuel costs. Let’s see in the following article what employers must do to cash out the bonus, which has already been extended until December 31, 2023.

the The employee fuel bonus is Coupon worth 200 euros which employers can voluntarily give themselves employees. The feature does not contribute to the determination of taxable income for IRPEF purposes.

Let’s see in detail what the employer must do Coupon exchange to your employees.

Fuel Bonus 2023: How is it paid?

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L’Cashing out fuel rewards happen by private employersexclusively on the basis of voluntary. The selection of the workers to whom the benefit is to be provided can also be made personal and without the need for prior contractual agreement. Vouchers must be distributed by the business owner no later than December 31, 2023In both paper and electronic form.

The benefit is deemed to have been earned by the employee, and thus assumes the significance of the income, when such benefit becomes available to the worker, regardless of whether the service is to be used at a later time.

voucher exchange, must be specified, It cannot be offered in lieu of a performance bonus, as regulated pursuant to Art. 1 Paragraph 182 et seq. of the Budget Law of 2016 (Law No. 208/2015). This is because, in this case, the disbursement must be subject to the provisions of the reference legislation and the relevant clarifications provided by the Revenue Agency (Circular No. 28/E/2016 and 5/E/2018 and Decision No. 55/E/2020).

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the fuel bonus Recognized by corporations for employees it has a separate limit for non-compete purposes in determining taxable income for IRPEF purposes. the Maximum value of 200 euros It joins the amount conceived in the normal way, which equals €258.23, for goods and services that are exempt for income tax purposes.

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